Appendix Pain-Appendicitis is a Painful Medical Condition

Appendix Pain-Appendicitis is a Painful Medical Condition

Appendix Pain-Appendicitis is a Painful Medical Condition

Appendicitis is a painful medical condition, wherein the appendix swells and is filled with pus, which is a fluid made out of dead cells and often arises due to infection. Reports state that in the United States, this condition is the leading cause of emergency abdominal operations in the United States as the appendix pain is unbearable.

What is Appendix?

It is a small, finger-shaped pouch that is attached to the large intestine on the lower right part of the abdomen. Earlier, it was thought to be a useless organ in the human body. But, studies show that even though its role is clear, it is not an inept organ. It is true that people can lead a normal life without this organ, but swelling of the appendix in the abdomen appendix pain problem. If the patient is not provided with one-time treatment, there are chances of the appendix to burst, thereby scattering the infection all through the abdomen.

What Type of Pain will be Experienced?

There are two types of appendicitis. In the acute type, the patients will experience a sharp abdominal pain that swiftly spreads and worsens within a few hours. In some patients, there will be another type of this condition called as chronic appendicitis. In this type, there will be mild and recurrent appendix pain that will subside on its own. These people could not realize that they have this condition until an acute episode strikes.

Risk Factors:

Even though it is stated to be a condition that can occur in people of any age group, it is found that children and teenagers between the age group of 10 and 19 years are at the risk, and they had to face the appendix pain. It is found that it is common in boys as against girls, but the actual reason for the same is yet to be I identified. As compared to rural areas, it is common in urban industrialized areas, and it is also found to be common in western communities. In general, the Western diet is rich in carbohydrates and low in fiber content and this is found to be the important reason behind the prevalence of this condition in the western society. It is also found that those with a family history of this condition are at higher risk.

Causes for Appendix:

It is not always clear when it comes to analyzing the causes behind this condition. But, it is found that it often arises from one or two issues, and they are:

  • An infection in the gastrointestinal tract that spreads to the appendix
  • An obstruction that blocks the opening of the appendix

In the second case mentioned above, the blockage can arise due to different reasons like:

  • Foreign objects like bullets or pins
  • Trauma or injury to abdomen
  • Gastrointestinal tract ulcers or irritation
  • Hardened stool and parasites
  • Enlarged lymph tissue in the wall of the appendix.

When the appendix is infected in a patient, the bacteria growth will be very fast and this will again lead to more infection and swelling with pus.

So, when abdominal pain is experienced, it is better to seek medical help as it can occur even due to appendicitis, which should be treated quickly.


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# Aayush 2017-03-01
Hii, I am from Zind, Please tell that can moisture be responsible for infections ?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-03-02
Hello, good to see that you are from Zind, yes,that is why u must keep your genital organs clean and dry because moisture can favour infections.
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