Autism is a serious problem for many children in this world

Autism is a serious problem for many children in this world

What is autism?

A particular brain damage disorder is known as autism. A range of characteristically significant range of behavioural abnormalities is noticed among the affected persons.

The views of Autism Society of America about autism

If autism affects a person, it will severely implicate a person with lifelong disability in regards to his or her developments. An infant gets affected with the problem within his or her first three years after birth. Mostly a child out of 150 children becomes the victim of this problem. The problem is found within a particular social, ethnic or racial background in any part of the world. Researchers in this field are trying to unearth the actual reason of this disease. But one conclusion is universal that the problem symptomizes some sort of physical disorders in the affected person’s brain.  The physical disorders are as below:-

1) Disturbances are observed in the expressions of language, social and physical skills.

2) The affected child will show abnormalities in his her responses to sensations.

3) The affected person will symptomize disturbed responses or sensations in his or her sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, pain, balance and the way of holding the body.

4) The child affected with this problem will exhibit either delay or total absence in his or her language or speech, but the specific capabilities of the child, in most probability, will be present.

5) The affected child may be seen with the abnormalities in his or her way of relating to events, objects and people.

The reason behind autism

It is an automatically occurred problem by itself. In some cases the problem remains associated with some other disorders which are responsible in affecting the brain functions. The disorders may be epilepsy, metabolic disturbances and viral infections.

Difference between retardation and autism

There are differences between mental disorders, mental retardation and autism. So care must be taken when they are referred to any treatment techniques. In case the treatment techniques are not appropriate or rather ineffective, the person will suffer additionally.

What may be the severe forms of extremity?

Among the severe forms of extremities are repetitive, highly unusual, extreme self-injurious and aggressive behaviour.

The most useful treatment which has been proven is use of behavioural method through special educational program.

An autistic person’s behaviour

An unusual behaviour is noticed among autistic children. The following behaviour is noticed among these children:-


Symptoms found among the autistic children


Self-injurious behaviour


This is seen because of their desire to maintain objects in a particular physical pattern.


Walking on tiptoes

Lack of interaction is noticed, in most of the cases, with other children.


Flapping hands

Aggressive behaviour to others is mostly noticed.


Preoccupation with hands

The pronouncement of  "I" and "You" is always confused

No Speech

It is known as “Balancing behaviour”, it is just like standing on a fence.


Dislike of being touched


The treatments towards other people, posing them as inanimate objects.

Lack of interest in toys

Desire to follow some particular patterns of interaction / behaviour.



Preservation or Repetitive behaviour


Non-speech vocalizations

Repeating something heard or Delayed echolalia at an earlier time


Lack of eye contact

Extreme disliking in touching certain textures.


Lack of response

speech consisting of almost or often  repeating something heard, known as people Echolalia


Delayed development of speech

When the child is picked up, he or she offers no "help" (it can be exemplified as lifting a sack of vegetables.


Extreme dislike of certain sounds

"Profound competence" in those areas where the child has either advanced or even normal competence. The examples can be arithmetic, musical skill, drawing skill, calendar, perfect pitch or memory skills.


Extreme dislike of certain foods

Either extremely nervous or passive behaviour or extremely active behaviour.



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