Babies listen & learn in the womb-some lessons for the expecting mothers for healthy and active baby
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Babies listen & learn in the womb-some lessons for the expecting mothers for healthy and active baby

Babies Listen and Learn While in the Womb

According to some new study, a baby not only hears his mom, but also can understand the signals of his mom’s language while he still has not yet seen the light of the world or not even in the cosy lap.

The new research study has suggested that babies can start absorbing language when they are in their last 10 weeks of pregnancy. The revelation has overlapped the findings of the earlier studies. Another startling revelation says that even the new born babies can differentiate between their mother’s native language and other foreign languages, just after their birth.

What is the main message here?

Here the main message is, if babies are taken care of in a healthy way during the gestation, they can start listening, learning and remembering when they are at their last stage of pregnancy.

How the researches were done?

The research studies were made by some faculties of the University of Washington in Seattle. Infant’s reaction to sound was recorded by connecting a computer with a high- tech pacifier. The sample size was 80 babies in the womb. The average age of these babies were 30 hours old. The mothers were from Sweden, Stockholm, Wash and Tacoma. The babies were found to be listening to the foreign tongue while they were sucking on the pacifier and listening to the vowel sounds when it was the native tongue of their mothers.

If you really take note of the vowel sound, it is very prominent and loud. What the astonishing finding was that the number of times they were sucking on the pacifier, were the indications of their attractions of the vowel sound.  The study conducted in both the countries revealed that when the babies used to listen to foreign language they used to suck longer.

The study has found that since the noise is already there in the womb, mothers should not put earphones on their bellies and listen to music and games. The babies can, instead, listen to their mothers’ voice and vowels in a natural way when their mothers speak. According to some other researcher, from the Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, it should be the proud & complacent moment for the mothers that their babies are developing in the womb in proper way and listening & learning their sounds. This is how babies in the womb launch off into language.

A mom’s voice is connected with her movement & any activity. The diaphragm of a mother moves when she moves talks. This pairing of movement and sound generation is very helpful for the baby, and that ultimately makes sense.

Both the findings were published in the journal Acta Paediatrica. Some other experts are in the view that the mothers should keep sending signals and languages to the baby in the womb so that they can establish a new bond, even after the birth the mother should start talking to the new born. By this way a chemical –free and stress-free environment can be maintained between the babies and new moms. Another neonatologist expert from at Miami Children's Hospital suggested that mom should start talking to their expecting babies in as much calm and relaxing way as possible. The expecting moms are never to indulge in violent language, yelling or screaming. Many other expert obstetrics doctors have opined the research study as fascinating. The doctor furthered that it was a known fact that foetuses can hear sound but it is a new discovery that while in utero, they can learn too. So a mother should teach a foetus. Another expert in paediatrics in Long Island Jewish Medical Centre in New Hyde Park, N.Y., however, warned that mothers should not take to the extremity of buying some tapes or CDs to teach the foetus for legging up the yet to be born.

All these are new sensitivities attached with the foetus and the expecting mother, which can arouse stimuli from mom and facilitate in helping the development of the language.



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