Binge Eating Disorder - What To Know?

Binge Eating Disorder - What To Know?

Binge Eating disorder, hereinafter referred to as BED, is not the same in overeating that is done by humans rarely. There are a number of people, who consume heavy meals once in a while. They must not have had a stomach ache after a heavy dinner. Generally, people are identified to have BED, when they engage in this type of eating on a regular basis like once in a week, which happens continuously for a period of 3 months or longer.

Distress feeling:

People with BED feel that they cannot control the level of their food consumption and they also feel that they cannot control what they eat as well. They generally love to eat alone, until they feel sick or when they are not feeling hunger. After an uncontrollable heavy meal, they get a lot of feelings like sadness, shame and guilt. They also feel themselves embarrassed about the behaviour and they keep themselves indoors to hide this habit from their friends and family.

Varies from Bulimia:

Many people confuse BED with Bulimia. But, these two are different eating disorders, even though, they share similar symptoms. The main difference between these disorders is that people with Bulimia, often purge afterwards. This means that they wash out the food they consume either with the help of laxatives or diuretics. They also try to vomit the heavy foods consumed. But, this habit will not be found in BED patients.

Who is at risk?

Any individual can develop this disorder, irrespective of the age, race or weight. In the United States, this disorder is considered the most common eating disorder and even though, it is found that women are greatly affected, men too rarely get affected by this disorder. Even teens can get this disorder and men are likely to develop the symptoms associated with binge eating in the middle age.

Will it affect weight?

Many people with this disorder will also have trouble with their weight. Reports state that among the people with this issue, 2/3rd people are obese. People with obesity or overweight issue will be at the risk of related problems like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases.

It is something related to mental health:

Many people with binge eating problem also are known to have mental or emotional health issues like substance abuse, bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression. They also feel stressed and will have trouble in sleeping as well. They also feel low in self-esteem as well.

What are the causes?

Experts are not exactly sure about what causes this issue. It is found that many factors like the genes of a person, his/her psychology and background contribute towards binge eating. Even, dieting can lead to this issue. In addition, some people might be attracted because of extra sensitivity towards food cues like images and smell of food. This problem can also be caused due to traumatic or stressful life event.

The recovery from this disorder is highly possible with mental health exercises and seeking early help will help in quicker recovery.

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