BMI (Body Mass Index) indicator helps you to measure your body weight--a brief yet resourceful article

BMI (Body Mass Index) indicator helps you to measure your body weight, which is important for you to know whether you are overweight or underweight.

If you want to remain healthy, you must keep checking your body weight. Under no circumstance you must be obese or over weight. Of course, you need not also be underweight. Mostly overweight means you are straining your heart which can result in various types of health problems. The problems include:

Varicose veins

Type 2 diabetes

Sleep apnea

High Blood pressure and

Heart disease

Determining your BMI

BMI of any one depends on the height of a person. You can calculate your BMI in the following way:-

1) What is your weight in pound, should be multiplied by 703

2) The result should be divided by your height (after converting into inches)

3) Again the result should be divided by your height (after converting into inches)

Example: - A person, weighing 270 pounds and has the height of total 68 inches has the BMI of 41.0.

Calculate your BMI :

Your BMI is:

The following chart will give you the indication of your weight after you have calculated your BMI by following the above 3 points. By this way you can determine whether you are underweight or overweight.

Your Category Your BMI (after calculating with your body weight & height)




Below 18.5


18.5 - 24.9


25.0 - 29.9


30.0 - 39.9

Extreme or high risk obesity

Over 40


Note: - It is always not the ideal way to determine whether you are overweight and need to lose weight or not. The reason is your muscle and fat proportion may not be matching, when former may have outshined the latter.

Elderly: - Any elderly person’s BMI must be in between 25 and 27. If the BMI is below 25, it needs attention of the physician, who can detect the cause and advise the person about the necessary steps to be taken. If an elderly person is more than 65 years of age, a slight higher BMI should be ideal for the person to protect him or her from the problems of osteoporosis or bone-thinning.

Body Builders: - Body builders are having more muscles than others. The muscles weigh more than the fats. Hence body builders will have more BMI than other persons with the same height.

Children: - The numbers of obese children are really alarming; hence this above said BMI calculator is not effective for evaluating the obesity or BMI status for these types of children.  The medical professionals have the other way of evaluating the obese children’s BMI by calculating the factors like age, height and weight.

BMI calculation through waist circumference

The alternative method of evaluating your BMI by the health care providers is consideration of your waist to hip ratio with your waist circumference.

NOTE: - Your health risks cannot be solely indicated by your BMI evaluation; however most of the health expert opine that above 30 BMI means you are obese .i.e. you are not healthy.


Whatever may be your BMI, regular exercise is always a good step towards healthy life and reducing the risks of serious diseases like diabetes, heart attack etc. But never forget to ask your doctor before starting any exercise.

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