Causes And Symptoms of Neck Pain

Causes And Symptoms of Neck Pain

Causes And Symptoms of Neck Pain

In the present modern world, many people face neck pain regardless of their age and gender and many reasons are stated for the same. Reports state that a minimum of 2/3rd of the population face this issue. The intensity of the ache can be enhanced because of problems in backbone and not attending the pain at the right time and it can also be due to inadequate corrective measures taken by people. Generally, this issue is found to be more prevalent in middle aged people. Here are some details about this issue:


This pain can be caused due to varied reasons and the same can differ from one person to another. Here are the general causes:

• Excessive journey

• Increase work pressure of sitting hours together in front of computer

• Using high pillows

• Sleeping in a sitting position in chairs

• Aging

• Injuries to the neck

• Vitamin D and calcium deficiency

• Works that can cause stress to the neck

• Lessening of discs

• Some infections

• Disc misplacement and tumors in neck bones

• Inadequate exercise

• Lack of fitness in backbone and neck bone


Experts are of the opinion that patients can face the following symptoms:

• Swelling between neck and shoulder

• Numbness in hands

• Pain when bending forward

• Difficulty in moving head sideways

• Pain in neck, which can sometimes spread to the back side of the head

• In extreme conditions, there will be difficulty in urinating and shivering in hands and legs as well.

How it is diagnosed?

Generally, three different tests are conducted for identifying pain in neck:

• Blood tests like ANS, EIR and CBP

• MRI test for identifying any problems with the disc

• X-Ray

Is it possible to take any precautions to avoid this pain?

Yes, men and women, who rarely face pain in this area, can take some precautionary measures to make sure that the issue does not get severe:

• Staying away from smoking and drinking can help as these habits can weaken the bones

• When there is intolerable pain, rest should be taken compulsorily

• Proper diet that is rich in calcium and vitamin D can help to ensure bone health.

• Doing some neck-related exercises every day can help in prevention.

• Bringing down traveling time if possible can help

• Ensuring that correct posture is followed when sitting is important

• The head should be kept straight when sitting in front of the computer for long

• When working in front of computer, spending longer time continuously sitting in the same place should be avoided. Even though, people might have many urgent works to complete, they should at least take some gap in between work of at least 5 minutes.

• During the gaps taken in-between works, some simple head exercises can be done. Rotating head clockwise for 5-6 times and anticlockwise direction for the same number of times can help in getting relaxation.

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