Coffee And Your Health - The Debate Continues

Coffee And Your Health - The Debate Continues

Coffee And Your Health - The Debate Continues

Generally, it is hard to find adults in this world, who have never tried coffee at least once in their lifetime. There are some ardent coffee fans, who are highly worried about whether the debate with respect to the ill effects of coffee on the health will turn up with a result that coffee is not good for health. Even though, the debate continues, there are many studies that prove that coffee is beneficial for health when taken in limited quantity. If you are an ardent fan of this beverage, here are some relieving details about the health benefits this beverage can bring:

Better antioxidants: As per a study conducted in the year 2005, it was found that coffee can bring the best antioxidant benefits to the humans. Even though, it is true that fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, the human body has the ability to absorb antioxidants present in the coffee in better quantity as against the content present in fruits and vegetables.

Just smelling will reduce stress: A research conducted by the team of researchers at the Seoul National University pointed out that when they made the rats that were depressed due to sleep deprivation to smell coffee, they were able to get better relief. However, this is related only to the stress created because of sleep deprivation.

It can bring down the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease: It was found that this beverage can effectively help the patients with Parkinson’s disease to control their movement. It was also found that people having this beverage can considerably bring down the risk of Parkinson’s disease. In addition to prevention, it can also cure movement symptoms in patients with this health issue.

It is friendly for liver: For people with alcohol usage, this beverage can effectively strengthen the liver by bringing down the ill-effects caused by alcohol. A report shows that people drinking one cup of coffee per day are bringing down the risk of a health issue called as liver cirrhosis by 20%. This is nothing, but a disease caused by excessive alcohol consumption. It can also prevent people from developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Happy feeling: The National Institute of Health conducted a research about this beverage found that those consuming at least four cups of coffee a day were about 10% less likely to develop depression as against those who never take this beverage. This is because coffee can make people happier because of its trusty antioxidant content.

It can bring down the incidence of suicide: A report states that coffee consumption of two to four cups per day can bring down the risk of suicide in men and women by about 50%. The reason is that it can aid in the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin by acting as mild antidepressant.

Can bring down the risk of skin cancer in women: A study conducted by a women’s hospital found that women taking 2-3 cups of coffee per day are less likely to develop skin cancer.

To conclude, these are great details for people, who love coffee, but are concerned whether it is detrimental to their health. So, have two or three cups of this great-tasting beverage each day to stay healthier.

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