Deaths from water borne diseases you must be aware of: one among them is Adenoviruses
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Deaths from water borne diseases you must be aware of: one among them is Adenoviruses

Deaths from water borne diseases you must be aware of: one among them is Adenoviruses

Deaths from water borne diseases you must be aware of: one among them is Adenoviruses

Adenoviruses are a very common type of water borne disease. The disease comes in many types, depending on the type of the virus.

Casualties of Adenoviruses:

Headache, respiratory problem leading to runny nose, fever, eve infections, cough, sore throat, and the symptoms can disturb an affected person for up to 10 days.

Severity of the infection

Apart from the above body disturbances, Adenoviruses can cause more serious problems. This includes bowel & stomach problem, pneumonia; the fatality leads up to death.  It is better to hospitalise the affected person in time.

Infectious nature of Adenoviruses

The disease is infectious and gets spread through air, such as coughing or sneezing. Personal contacts such as handling objects of the affected person or touching the affected person can be the reason for getting affected with the same disease.

Types of Adenoviruses disease

There are two types of Adenoviruses disease. Type 7 & type 4 are the most dangerous types, as have been reported: the respiratory illness.


As on now, Adenoviruses type 7 & type 4 vaccines are the most effective & preventable remedy for this type of body condition, but it is not available for the general public. Only the US army recruits were administered this vaccine during the 1971 to 1999 recruits. The production has been stopped since 1999. These vaccines came in tablet forms and was to be swallowed at one go, never to be crushed or chewed. The vaccine could be given along with other vaccines.

The effectiveness of Adenoviruses vaccine

The vaccine was applicable to adults, fully restricted to the age group between 17 and 50.

Different Precautions involved with it

A) All are not advised to take the vaccine. The persons with severe or life threatening allergy with the drug must not take it. Any nursing mother or pregnant woman must not be administered with this vaccine. Since chewing or crushing the tablet is not allowed, any one unable to swallow it in one go, must not take it. Any one below 17 years or above 50 years should not be the right candidate for the tablet.

B) i) No one should take it without any physician’s advice.

ii) People with AIDS/HIV or any such immune deficiency / weakness problem must not be the right persons to take this tablet. Persons who have undergone            chemotherapy, steroids, radiations and some other types of drug treatments are not prescribed for the drug.

C) Any woman must not become pregnant at least for 6 weeks after taking the vaccination

D) Any one suffering from diarrhea or vomiting, must postpone the drug’s administration

E) With a view to avoiding the spread of the virus, the stool of the affected person should be shed up to 28 days after the vaccination.

F) Proper personal hygiene should be taken care of by the affected person. This includes proper hand washing, which is especially after bowel movements. The matter should be very carefully dealt with if you have any child of 7 years of age or even younger. Other people at home who have weaker immune system, including pregnant woman, must be away from the affected person.

The risk factors involved in the Adenoviruses

Any type of vaccine, just like other medicines, does have serious reactions. Nonetheless, the risk factor in the cases of vaccines is not that much serious or harmful, of course, it has a bit lesser effect.

Mild problems associated with Adenoviruses

Within 2 weeks of taking the vaccine, different types of mild problems have been reported. The problems reported are:

 Sore throat, stuffy nose, joint pain (1 out of 6 persons)

 Upper respiratory tract getting infected (1 out of 3 persons)

 Nausea, cough, abdominal pain

 1 out of 10 persons gets diarrhea

 1 out of10 persons suffers from fever

Serious repercussions attached with the Adenoviruses disease

1 per cent of the affected person has reported about serious problem, within 6 months of the administration of the vaccination. The problems include:

 Pneumonia

 Blood in the stool or urine

 Inflammation of the intestines or stomach

However, no established cause has been found for these above mentioned serious or mild problems, attached with the Adenoviruses drug. Further studies about the side effects of Adenoviruses vaccine are still on.

What should you do, if the matter turns serious after taking the Adenoviruses vaccine?

In case any unusual condition crops up after taking the vaccine, such as severe stomach pain, high fever or diarrhoea; or there may be allergic reactions, such as wheezing or hoarseness, breathing difficulty, hives, dizziness, fast heartbeat, weakness, paleness etc. within a few moments after the vaccination you must call your doctor or take the patient to the nearest hospital.

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