Diabetes pills for overweight expectant mothers-----a debated research findings
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Diabetes pills for overweight expectant mothers-----a debated research findings

Diabetes pills for overweight expectant mothers-----a debated research findings

Diabetes pills for overweight expectant mothers to cut the risk of a fat child with many complications afterwards

Medication to the babies while in womb is well-fought and well researched matter, so not a new thing. The prognosis behind this is the babies should not be obese.  For the first time in the world, overweight expectant mothers in the UK were administered with diabetic drugs, as a trial program by NHS. At that time, the treatment had highly startled many in the medical world, as they challenged the efficiency of the medicines and feared about the mother & unborn child’s health. The matter went up to the court. The NHS doctors, involved in the new application, had to defend themselves on the plea that the obesity among the women has reached to an epidemic stage so the medication to these obese expectant mothers were very much essential for preventing the unborn child from being obese.

Controversy over the issue

A few experts from medical fraternity were in the opinion that ethics do not permit the expectant mothers to be treated with diabetic drugs. However, the doctors from NHS argued that there was no alternative like suggesting some diets or exercise for controlling obese babies. Nevertheless, the medical experts who opposed to the medications of unborn child furthered to opine that had there been such solution to the problem of preventing obesity among the new born, thousands of otherwise healthy mothers with obesity around the world could have been treated in the same way.


15 % and above pregnant women are found to be obese and which causes their own death during pregnancy. As far as unborn babies are concerned, other than dying in the womb, these babies are either still born or have many other post natal complications which are equally fatal.

In some of their recent publications, The Daily Mail has reported about “sumo babies”, whose weight were more than 11lb, and are increasing by 50% during the last 4 years.

Post natal effects

Many of these overweight babies grow twice the size during their adulthood. The situation suggests that the obesity controlling treatments are the only and right measures for the unborn babies when they are in the womb. In addition to this, the treatment can also help them in their post natal stage in getting lifetime ill-health prevention program. All these are correct measures, because the babies can be medicated during their incubation period in the womb. To justify the treatment, 400 such pregnant women were treated with the diabetes medication in Liverpool, Edinburgh, Coventry and Sheffield, as trial. The medication has proved to be not only safe, but also has been working throughout the decades and also has ultimately been cleared for preventing diabetes menace during pregnancy.

Latest scenario:

Now the NHS doctors are in the opinion that further researches are also on in this matter, and so they are optimistic for the future when the expecting mothers will also take part in the matter. Many other investigative studies are also being carried out to see the efficiency of the particular medicine in lowering the hormone insulin level in the blood stream of the baby in the womb.

It is found that, if compared with other pregnant women; obese women make more insulin, which is needed for more nutritional supply to the baby.

Other Research findings:-

Some researches indicate that babies who are born big will grow in their adulthood twice the size of other adults.

Optimism of the research

As the research optimises that the medicine “metformin” has the capacity to lower the insulin level. If insulin level is lowered, it will reduce the supply and result to non-obese babies. The effect of the medicine can also redistribute the stored fat of the baby and can reduce the fat deposits around the liver and other organs.

Other findings of the research confirm that the women who take the medicine may feel healthy, but they are never immune of pregnancy related problems and their babies are always risk-prone. So the researches are still on and aim to reduce all these risks factors.

Why only controlled diet and exercise are not suggested in these cases?

The doctors involved in the research do support the idea of taking dietary foods and proper exercise, but many women been found by them to have become obese at the initial stage of their pregnancy, so neither controlled diet nor the exercise could have been suggested for these types of expecting mothers.

The Medical Research Council of NHS has funded the very research project and finally welcomed the research findings. The findings are also accepted by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. According to them, once an expectant mother becomes overweight, she increases the pregnancy related complications in many ways. So to reduce pregnancy related complications and tackling other issues which are related to the post natal stages, the medication at pregnancy is the only choice, as on date.


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