Diabetic Neuropathy - Get To Know Its Types

Diabetic Neuropathy - Get To Know Its Types

Diabetic Neuropathy - Get To Know Its Types

Experts are of the opinion that inappropriate lifestyle without any proper physical activity and bad food habits are the primary reasons behind diabetes. Not only these factors, but an increased stress level can also contribute towards this issue. The worst thing about this disease is that it can act as the opening door for many health issues as it can affect the functionality of the body in a number of ways.

Ill effect of diabetes:

Among the many ill-effects of this disease, experts state that the effect it can bring on the nervous system is the worst thing and this is medically called as diabetic neuropathy. There are different medicines available for this condition and even alternative medicines like ayurveda and homeopathy has medicines to cure this issue.


Records state that more than 70% of diabetic patients are affected by this problem in the nerves. The reason is that the increased sugar level in their body leads to the reduction of the chemical called as myo inositol in the body, which is responsible for the effective functioning of nerves. This increase in the sugar level is also known to bring down the NADP enzyme levels and when they reduce, there will be a chemical reaction in the body, which is called as reactive oxygen species. This in turn will lead to decrease in the performance of nervous system. The NADP enzyme is also responsible for production of nitric oxide glutathione.


Diabetic neuropathy is divided by health care providers into different types and here are some details in this regard:

Diabetic automatic neuropathy:

This type generally targets the nerves that are related to the blood system, digestive system, urinary tract and sexual system as well. When it affects the digestive system, patients will experience symptoms like nausea, vomits, lack of appetite, constipation, congestion of chest and bloating of stomach. When it comes to blood system, the effect on the nerves will show up in the form of giddiness, increase in heartbeat and even it can lead to coma in some patients. When it affects the nerves in the sexual organs, it will lead to reduction in the level of libido and impotence. When the problem arises in urinary tract, the patients will experience increase in the level of output of urine and inability to control the flow of urine.

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy:

In this case, patients will experience pain the waist, thighs, bums and they will also experience weakness in the leg nerves. Other symptoms include involuntary muscle contractions and twitches and lack of focus. Even, patients will experience pain behind the eyes and double vision.

Focal neuropathy:

All the above-mentioned three types come under the category of polyneuropathy, while this type affects only a single nerve and it is technically called as focal neuropathy. This type is otherwise called as mono neuropathy as well.

Generally, diabetes patients should regularly visit their doctor and during their visits, they should any unique symptoms they are recently experiencing, so that the doctor can conduct appropriate tests to rule out diabetic neuropathy.

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