Different types of diseases similar to Autism

Different types of diseases similar to Autism

Autism & different symptoms alike other such diseases

The symptoms of autism have the similarities of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). However, the symptoms surface at the time of the autistic person’s social relationships and the severity is very much noticed.

Out of 100 cases, 10 of the cases demonstrate special skills like calculating calendar dates, memorizing list and musical and drawing ability.

Sensory perception

There are many cases when autistic persons have unusual sensory perceptions. To exemplify it, if lightly touched by someone may be reacted by the autistic person as very much painful, requiring an urgent soothing touch for coming out of that crisis. With this type of light touch, others will not have any pain. Some other autistic persons have fascination about some particular food; in some cases the same person does not like some particular food.  A few of these persons exhibit some peculiar preoccupation with something.

Sleep problem

Forty to seventy per cent of the autistic persons have the sleep problem. These types of children are studied to have autism spectrum disorder. 50 % of these children try to skip off from their care givers or just get eloped. The elopement is known to be the most stressful behavior of these children, so the caregivers must remain alert on this issue.

Role of behavioral assessment intervention

There is an important role of behavioral assessment intervention for reducing the number of incidences of elopements by applying behavioral analysis.

ASD or (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

One of the several types of ASD or (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is autism. Autism is otherwise known as pervasive development disorder. There are constant confusions of interpreting autism as some other type of ASDs such as overlapping symptoms or Asperger’s syndrome. Another condition of this type is known as “unspecified neurodevelopmental disorder”. In this type of health condition, children exhibit the unusual behaviour but that is different from the criteria of “autism”. There are other such conditions which are very close the conditions of autism. One of them is ADHD.

ADHD or (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

The condition of this health is seen among those children who are yet to enter school or in some cases in early school years. These types of children can hardly control their behavior, nor can they pay their attention.

According to some survey, 3 to 5 percent of the entire children populations in the USA have the ADHD problem. The count goes like almost 2 million children in the USA have the problem. This comes to be 1 out of 25 to 30 children are having ADHD.


In his book in 1845, "The Story of Fidgety Philip", Dr. Heinrich Hoffman had accurately described through a little boy of having the “disorder of deficit hyperactivity”. However, Sir George F Still, in his series of lectures in 1902 in the Royal College of Physicians in England, had described the ADHD children of having a genetic dysfunction. According to him, this problem is not due to poor child rearing. In these days, ADHD children can easily be identified. After this many scientific papers on ADHD have been published. These papers have extensively discussed about the nature, impairments, causes, courses and the treatments of the problem.

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