Do you know about the Ingredients of blood?

Do you know about the Ingredients of blood?

Ingredients of blood

If human body weight is segregated in part-wise, 7 per cent will be shared by blood.

What is the density of blood?

The approximate average density of human blood is 1060 kg/m3. This can be closely compared with pure water which is 1000 kg/m3.

Average blood volume in a human adult

A human adult has approximately 5 liters of blood.

What is the other name of blood cell?

The other name of blood cells is formed elements or corpuscles

Blood circulation:

1) Blue = deoxygenated

2) Red = oxygenated


Two tubes of EDTA-

That is full with anti-coagulated blood but separated in the following way:-

i) Freshly drawn blood is contained in Right tube

ii) After standing, the RBCs get settled at the tube’s bottom part, which is Left tube.

Components of blood cells

The components of blood cells are 1) RBCs or red blood cells, 2) thrombocytes or platelets and 3) WBCs or leukocytes.

The individual proportions of these components: - 1) 45 per cent of our blood volume is shared by red blood cells, 2) plasma almost is 54.3 per cent and the remaining 0.7 per cent is the proportion of white blood cells.

Centrifugation of human blood and its fractions

What we see and what we don’t see in our blood are:  1) at the top: Plasma (upper yellow layer), 2) erythrocyte layer (bottom, red layer) and 3) buffy coat (middle, thin white layer)

Which component carries what as RCBs?

Hemoglobin is contained in RCBs. It also distributes oxygen throughout our body.

Complete blood count

1 micro liter of blood contains female erythrocytes 4.2 to 5.4 million, whereas 4.7 to 6.1 million male erythrocytes.

Which component carries what as WBCs?

Our body’s immune system has much dependence on leukocytes or WBCs. We have 4,000–11,000 of leukocytes. That is the proportion of our immune system. The cellular debris and aberrant or old cells are either removed or destroyed by the WBCs. In addition they also attack the infectious agents such as foreign agents or pathogens. The foreign substances are sometimes cancerous, which are leukemia or leukocytes.

Which component carries what as platelets?

Our thrombocytes or platelet counts range between 200,000 and 500,000.

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Ingredients of blood

Our thrombocytes or platelet counts range between 200,000 and 500,000. One of the most important jobs of (coagulation) or blood clotting is performed by this department.

What is Plasma, when we talk about blood?

More than 50 per cent that is 55 per cent of our blood consist of plasma. This is the liquid medium of our blood. Its natural color is straw-yellow.

What is the volume of plasma?

In an average human, the volume of total blood plasma is 2.8–3.2 quarts or 2.7–3.0 litters. The most essential aqueous solution component has 92 per cent of water and rest of the quantity is 8 per cent of plasma protein within the blood along with some other materials.

What is the job of plasma?

The circulations of dissolved nutrients are the primary jobs of plasma. The nutrients are amino acids, glucose and fatty acids, which either bound to plasma proteins or get dissolved in the blood and removes waste products like urea, lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

Further to these, plasma contain following items:-

· Serum albumin

· Immunoglobulin (antibodies)

· Blood-clotting factors which help in facilitating coagulation

· lipoprotein particles

· Various electrolytes, main among them chloride and sodium

· Various other proteins

The other term of plasma means serum which is important, but the clotting proteins have been removed from it. Albumin and immunoglobulin are the most of the remaining proteins.


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