Do you know any body with "eating disorder"? If yes, why don't you educate them it's effects?-Part-1
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Do you know any body with "eating disorder"? If yes, why don't you educate them it's effects?-Part-1

Eating disorder can cause many health problems and result in different types of anxieties. Different types of eating disorder have different repercussions and different effects. The persons who practice “eating disorder” suffer from different consequences. Let us have some in-depth idea about the subject.


How to define eating disorder?

Eating disorder reflects to different behavior problems. In this situation a person may either abstain from taking enough foods or pick up the habit of overeating for staying healthy. Either of this type of person remains always concerned about the weight & shape of the body.

The examples of eating disorder

Anorexia nervosa is a type of eating disorder, in-which a person becomes too thin, but the person refrains from eating because he or she apprehends about his or her obesity.

Bulimia nervosa: - Means taking too much food to digest, leading to occasional purging, even in many cases use of laxatives or self-induced vomiting becomes the alternative for easing the person.

Binge-eating:- This type of eating is known as out-of-control eating.

Who are the cases for eating disorder?

More than men, women are found to be the candidates of eating disorders. The eating disorder among the women starts from their teen ages which are often accompanied by anxiety disorder, depression plus substance abuse.

After effects of eating disorder

Kidney problems, heart diseases or even death can be after effects of eating disorder. So it is always better to seek early help.

Treatments of eating disorder

Medicines, nutritional counselling, talk therapy and monitoring are the treatments for eating disorder.

Anorexia nervosa is a serious type of eating disorder which cause more than required weight-loss, when calculated through BMI parameters. The candidates for this eating disorder bear the intense fear of weight gain, in spite of the fact that they are already underweight. These types of people practice exercise, control diet and take many other measures for losing their weight.


The cause of the disease like anorexia nervosa is still unknown. There are several factors which are doubted to be responsible for the cause. One of the strongest reasons is the social attitudes of looking thin.

Risk factors involved with anorexia include:-

i) Childhood anxiety disorder plays a part in the problem

ii) Paying more attention or remaining worried about shape and weight

iii) Keeping a negative self-image

iv) Keeping some particular type of socio-cultural ideas in the matter of beauty & health.

v) Constant quest for remaining overly focused and perfect on rules

vi) Remaining concerned with eating problems during early childhood or infancy.

Onset of anorexia nervosa

The problem of anorexia nervosa is found to start during the young adulthood, teen years or even in some cases during pre-teen years. The commonly seen cases are females; however a few cases can also be seen among males. In most of the cases, white women who used to achieve high scores in their schools or some other white females, who belonged to the goal-oriented family or used to fathom high personality, were the practitioners of anorexia nervosa or a type of eating disorder.



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