Early Symptoms of 4 Types of Arthritis

Early Symptoms of 4 Types of Arthritis

Early Symptoms of 4 Types of Arthritis

Reports state that at least one in every five Americans suffer from arthritis in one of their joints. Generally, this joint condition happens when the shock-absorbing cartilage that generally provides cushion to the bones wears away from several years of continuous usage and even from injury. When there is no cushioning to them, the joints begin to swell and become hard to move. On the basis of the joint that gets affected, the disease can make it hard to do different activities like opening jars, walking and many other activities. Now, here are the details about the signs of four different types of joint pains:

Pain: There are 100 unique conditions that are classified as arthritis. Each one of these will have different signs. However, the first sign is pain, which will either begin as burning sensation or dull ache. Generally, the pain will begin once the joints are used for long. This means that when an individual with this issue takes long stairs. Some people feel soreness in the morning, while some feel the pain whenever it rains.

Swelling: As the joints become painful, they will begin to swell. The reason is that the body begins to release the fluid for taking the place of the cartilage that is lost due to injury or other reasons. This fluid is medically called as synovium. This is meant for acting as a cushion, but when it is released to the space of joint, the joints begin to swell. This can be highly painful and it can even restrict the movement.

Early signs of osteoarthritis:

Osteoarthritis: This type of arthritis generally affects the weight-bearing and larger joints such as lower back, knees and hips. It can affect the toes, fingers and neck. Initially, these patients will have problem in a single joint alone and then it will spread to other joints as well. Generally, the affected joints will experience stiffness and soreness, particularly when they are kept unmoved for longer. The soreness will be experienced in the morning and it may take sometimes to move again.

Early signs of rheumatoid arthritis:

This type also cause swelling and pain to the joints. Generally, the pain will be experienced in the small joints of toes and fingers and one joint of knee or shoulder. This is a symmetrical issue, which means that if your left index finger is painful or swollen, you will experience the same in your right hand as well. Other symptoms that are not associated with joints include chest pain, fever and shortness of breath.

Early signs of psoriatic arthritis:

This is an autoimmune condition, which means that instead of protecting the body from issues, the immune system will begin to turn against the body and attacks itself. The symptoms of this type will develop slowly over time or the symptoms might start very quickly as well in some patients. Apart from swollen and painful joints, this condition can also cause redness and pain in the eyes and the patients might experience some changes in the nails as well.

Early gout symptoms:

This is a unique form of arthritis as it attacks the big toe and large joints. It can also affect the other joints like the knee or ankle. When this condition starts, it may cause short-term twinges of pain. Before this type fully starts, it will continue for several years.

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