Eating Disorder--"Bulimia" has many agonizing repercussions---Part----4
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Eating Disorder--"Bulimia" has many agonizing repercussions---Part----4

Eating Disorder--"Bulimia" has many agonizing repercussions---Part----4

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Symptoms of bulimia

Eating binges with bulimia can occur several times in a days and go for months. The persons with this problem take huge amount of high-calorie foods (in most of the times secretly). In fact these types of persons do not have any control over their amount of food intake.

The effects of binges

Binges result to self-digestion, causing purges for preventing weight gain. Purging means:-

i) Excessive exercises

ii) Forceful vomiting

iii) Uses of laxatives, water pills (diuretics) or enemas

Purging gives a sense of relief to the person

Commonly seen cases of bulimia

In most of the cases, the persons with bulimia have the normal body weight, but they are afraid of being overweight. The people close to the person with bulimia problem may not notice any obesity so no one to correct him or her about the amount of food intakes.

Symptoms of bulimia

ð Regular urge for going to toilet immediately after meals

ð Compulsive exercise

ð Throwing away the medicines like diet pills, laxatives, emetics types of drugs that prevent vomiting and also the other diuretics.

ð Sudden change of mood by eating or buying a large amount of food and finishing them out right.

Tests & Exams

1) Some types of gum infections or cavities can be detected only by dental exams. (Example is gingivitis).

2) Teeth enamel may be pitted or worn away due to too much acid-exposure from vomiting.

3) The other things which can be detected by the physical exams are:

a) Dry mouth

b) Rashes and pimples

c) Cheeks’ look turns as pouch type

d) Calluses and small cuts are noticed across the finger joints’ top, which forces one to vomit.

e) Because vomiting causes strain, a new problem arises that is the blood cells in the eyes get broken.

With the help of blood tests, hypokalaemia type of electrolyte imbalance or the case of dehydration can be detected through only by blood tests.

Treatment of bulimia

In most of the cases people with the problem of bulimia need not to go to hospitals, But the following conditions are indicators of medical intervention:-

è Major depression

è The problem of anorexia

è If drugs are the only alternative for the stoppage of purging

In most of the cases, bulimia patients are dealt with stepped approach. The type of treatments depends on the severity of the problem response of the person to the treatment.

The types of treatment

è The support group has a big role to play in the treatment of bulimia (mild in nature) than any other known alternatives.

è Nutritional Therapy and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) are the first treatment of bulimia is needed when support group’s treatment fails to improve the condition.

è SSRIs (Selective serotonin-reuptake inhibitors) types of antidepressants are the proven medicines of bulimia. If CBT does not respond well alone, the combined therapy of CBT and SSRIs are found to be very effective.

It has been observed that patients tend to drop out of treatment when they find the ineffectiveness or the unrealistic hopes being rendered through the treatment.


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......Continued after Part--3


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