EBOLA Virus - Facts and Prevention

EBOLA Virus - Facts and Prevention

EBOLA Virus - Facts and Prevention

Ebola Virus is making some news all over the world these days due to its devastating effects and the people it infects and sometimes dies due to not getting proper treatment. According to the statistics submitted by WHO, it has been becoming an enormous challenge for all people to cop up with specially WHO for its abolitions, Ebola Virus has implanted a name of fear in the minds of the common man all over the world. They are really terrified for their lives.

What is Ebola and how deadly it is?

Ebola has been categorized as a level four biohazard, considered as the most perilous and entailing sanitization for those people who work with it. There are basically 5 strains of Ebola virus, each one has been named after different countries or regions of Africa; Sudan, Zaire, Bundibuygo, Tai Forest and Reston.

The Zaire Ebola virus is the most dangerous and lethal virus having a mortality rate of 25-80% only depends upon how properly the virus has been controlled. You can know how deadly it is through the fact that during the recent epidemic approximately 70% of the people infected have died.

Where does Ebola come from?

It is supposed that fruits bats might be one of the hosts of this virus and is also recognized to be present in apes and monkeys. According to research on primates or monkeys, they get infected with the virus after eating tainted fruits with urine or with other bat fluids.

What are its symptoms?

Usually Ebola fever begins with a continually rising fever, muscle pains, severe weaknesses in body, headaches and of course sore throat. Along with diarrhea, rashes, vomiting, liver and kidney problems, hemorrhaging or bleeding etc. This is why Ebola is believed to be a flesh eating virus and actually it is not flesh eating virus but it is a living tissue cells damaging virus. In this case, it leads to hemorrhaging and bleeding in tissue cells.

How does it transmit?

As it is formerly conferred that Ebola begins as a viral strain in animals after which it infects human beings. And a single human can’t carry it the strain to itself, it automatically transferred from one person to another through a variety of sources such as through contact with the blood or any other secretions of human body or body fluids of infected people through sexual intercourse or by any other way.

Can it be treated?

Till now, none of the vaccines or drug has been discovered to cure this disease. We can’t even prevent this disease or slow its process. Scientists are working continuously on it to discover a medicine that might help the infected persons but they are yet not have been successful. Therapies have been found which involves blood plasma from people who had recuperated from the deadly virus; anti coagulation agents can help them to reduce hemorrhaging. The most efficient way to decrease or stop transmission in an epidemic is through the proper use of barricades like gloves or masks.

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