Effect Of Hepatitis C On the Human Body

Effect Of Hepatitis C On the Human Body

Effect Of Hepatitis C On the Human Body

Hepatitis C is nothing, but a viral disease that fundamentally leads to inflammation of liver. Even though, it causes swelling of liver, it can bring ill-effect on many other parts of the body.

How does it affect the other parts of the body?

This infection is caused by a virus that gets through contact with the blood of an infected individual. This virus will lead to inflammation of the liver, which is responsible for processing blood and for filtering the wastes, such that they do not cause any sort of damage to the body. The liver is also responsible for production of bile, which will help in storage of vitamins and glucose and in digestion of foods. These important functions cannot be properly performed by the liver, when it swells. This brings ill-effect to entire part of the body.

Early symptoms:

Early symptoms of this infection include fatigue and yellow skin and when the infection becomes chronic, it will lead to scarring of liver. When the disease worsens, signs like fever, blood disorder and skin problems can occur. In the long run, this problem will lead to failure of liver, damage to this organ and even it can lead to liver cancer as well. When the treatment is obtained early, further damage to the liver can be prevented. Now, let us get into the details about the effect of this infection to some parts of the body:

Digestive system:

As mentioned earlier, liver is responsible for production of bile, which will play a major role towards breaking down the fats. This bile is stored in the gallbladder, which is then sent to the entry section of small intestine. Then, this bile joins with digestive fluids and stomach acids, thereby helping the intestines to absorb nutrients in the bloodstream. On the other hand, Hepatitis C infection will affect the ability of liver in producing bile and even, it will lead to inflammation of gallbladder, thereby making it painful to digest fatty foods. This is why people with this infection might feel some pain in the upper right portion of stomach. So, digestive issues are the important ill-effects of this health issue.

Central nervous system:

People might be surprised to know that this infection can affect the central nervous system. The reason is that when the liver fails to filter the unwanted wastes, they will affect the central nervous system. This can lead to disturbance in the sleep, dry mouth and dry eyes. When toxins build up in the brain, it will lead to confusion, personality changes and poor concentration.

Circulatory system:

The liver as mentioned earlier is responsible for filtering toxins from the bloodstream. When this does not happen properly due to this infection, it can lead to blood clots and can increase pressure in the veins. This can lead to portal hypertension.

In addition to these ill-effects, this health issue can also affect skin, nails and hair, immune system and endocrine system. So, this infection should be treated immediately.

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