“Elderly men”, both ethically & medically must not keep any of their health conditions in secret--Part--6
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“Elderly men”, both ethically & medically must not keep any of their health conditions in secret--Part--6

“Elderly men” must not keep any of their health conditions in secret

If you are an elderly male and you doubt about any changes in your health, you must not shy away in discussing about your health changes such as changes in your hearing and changes in your vision etc. If you are under the care of a medical professional, you can always remain advantageous in your health front. Diseases like skin cancer or Alzheimer Disease are a few of the many diseases an elderly person may be subjected to.

Some other diseases, which can affect any elderly male

Ø High blood pressure: It is always advised that any elderly person, who is 50 or above must get his blood pressure checked twice a year. A person affected with high blood pressure must get his blood pressure checked to avoid the problems like heart attacks, strokes, eye problems, heart failure and kidney diseases checked.

Ø HIV: Getting screened for HIV is always prescribed for the males to have crossed 50 years of age.

Ø Lung Cancer: If you are already 55 or more and are regularly getting yourself checked for lung cancer, it is really saving you from the problem. The smokers with 30 packs a year of smoking history must not shy away for being checked for lung cancer. Even those who have left smoking before 15 years must also get checked for the lung’s health at this moment. The smokers, who are still with the habit of smoking and have crossed the age 55, must also get them checked for their lung conditions’ status.  All the smokers (as mentioned) must discuss the number of packs and the period of smoking or the total span of smoking so far should report the history to the doctor. Finally, quitting smoking is the best, but knowing the problem inside your body is better to be informed about.

Ø Obesity & overweight: Checking your BMI (Body mass Index) helps you in knowing about your body’s condition related to obesity or overweight. The BMI calculation is based on your body’s height and weight. If the BMI is between 18.5 and 25, the BMI indicator is acceptable or normal. However 30 or higher BMI is known to be obese. Any obese person must talk to his doctor and get intense counseling which can help in losing weight. Obesity or overweight can result in cardiovascular or diabetic problem. If you are diagnosed to be medicated, it will be for your better health, never shy away from medications, while changing your behavior for avoiding those habits which are advised by your doctor.


The above discussions are aimed at providing best of the guidelines to those elderly persons who might be in need of some important information, but in brief, and make them knowledgeable about high blood pressure, HIV, Lung Cancer, Obesity & overweight types of commonly known diseases. These pieces of information are needed for prevention, taken care of and medication and also for enjoying a healthy life in the age of superannuation.

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# Vivaan 2017-02-27
Hii, plz tell me,Which tests can confirm syphilis in primary stage, also suggest name of good maternity hospitals in Hoshiarpur ?
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During the primary stage,DG illumination tests are very helpful, find good maternity hospitals-Gulati Hospital and Maternity Home.
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