Eyelid Lump in Children - Details For Parents To Know

Eyelid Lump in Children - Details For Parents To Know

Eyelid Lump in Children - Details For Parents To Know

Eyes are the important organs and an inflammation or infection in these organs in little ones can cause great worry to their parents. The reason is that applying the regular eye drops used by elders cannot be applied to kids as they won’t cooperate. Here are the common types of eyelid lumps that parents should be aware of:

Stye: This is an infection in the oil glands on the surface present in the upper or lower part of the eyelids. This kind of eyelid lump is generally caused due to bacterial infection that may spread to the unwashed hands of kids.

Chalazion: This type of eyelid lump is caused when the meibomian gland that provides the essential lubrication to the inner lining of the eyelid gets blocked due to some reasons. As meibomian is the oil gland, the oily material builds up for forming the lump. This block can be caused due to an infection in the margin of eyelids.

The former type of eyelid lump can grow into the latter type when the swelled oil gland gets fully blocked.

Recovery time:

When these lumps are left to go away by themselves, it will take longer and particularly the chalazion will not go away even after a year or so. This type is considered benign, but if it becomes very large, there are chances that the upper eyelid in which it has occurred can cover the pupil, thereby causing vision problem.

As they do not cause any pain, most of the parents wait for these lumps to get away on their own. Then, they seek medical help if they find that it is not going away even after two months. But, this lump can be treated with the help of hot massage when given in the initial stages itself. But, when hot massage is given after two months, it will not respond to the treatment in such a case, it is better to seek medical help. The doctor might suggest a simple surgery for removing it.

Whether my child has a stye or a Chalazion?

Here are the differences between the two, so that parents can identify the type present in their kid:

• Stye generally appears as a bump on the surface of the upper or lower eyelid and it will have the appearance of a red pimple-like bump. When there is this type of lump, the eyes will begin to swell and start itching and watering. On the other hand, chalazion generally occurs as a lump under the skin and it is caused due to blocked oil glands within the eyelid.

• Stye mostly occurs in children and once your child gets it in one of his/her eye, it is most likely that he/she will get it in the other eye as well. Chalazion is most common only in adults and men are at higher risk as against women. This type can also rarely occur in kids.

• Stye generally occurs along the eyelid or margin, but chalazion generally occurs in the middle of the eyelid and it is generally set deep in the eyelid.

• Stye is generally painful, but chalazion is not.

• Stye heals faster within two or three days, but chalazion grows slowly over 2 or 3 weeks and it will take longer time for healing.

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