FLU virus gives you hell of troubles, know how

FLU virus gives you hell of troubles, know how

FLU virus gives you hell of troubles, know how


Combating Flu virus for your safety

What is the most common reason for absenting school, office, college in the peak of monsoon or in late winter? The answer is Flu. Flu viruses rapidly spread through coughing and sneezing. It comes through air. Chances are high to get affected when you come close to someone with running nose. If it is detected primarily and you start taking precaution can definitely help you before it gets worse. Identifying those early symptoms of flu is also a challenge. Here comes a list.

1. 2. Sneezing & Cough: A persistent sneezing and cough are indicative of infectious flu. Dry cough causes wheezing which equally takes time to cure. Asthma patients or those who have respiratory problem should take immediate action before it leads to further complications. Cover your mouth if you are coughing or sneezing to prevent the germs from spreading the infection.

3. Sore Throat: Sore and dry throat is an early symptoms of Flu. Flu virus affects our throat and at times it makes it irritable and itchy. Difficulty in swallowing food is also a common complaint. Try to avoid solid food and to fulfill the required nutrition have soups, milk that give relief to your sore throat. Green tea with ginger can also be effective.

4. Feverish Condition: Along with the above symptoms, you may feel feverish as well. The body temperature varies from 97-100 degree Fahrenheit at the first stage. Complete rest and basic treatment are required to avoid further complication. First complaint of every Flu affected patients is Fever. Medicines help to control the temperature but it remains ineffective to the virus.

5. Digestion Problem: Flu virus can go beyond throat, chest and lungs. Sometimes it is the identified reason for diarrhea, stomach ache and vomiting. Flu makes other organs weak and they get easily affected.

6. Emergency Symptoms: Flu progresses very fast and it is easily transmitted to the next, standing beside you. Being completely aware of its symptoms and complications we still ignore our health and give it a chance to spread. Here are some symptoms of flu that need immediate attention.

· Chest pain

· Breathing Trouble

· Severe dehydration

· Recurring fever

What is the difference between Cold & Flu?

Flu is an illness caused by influenza virus. Symptoms of cold and flu are mostly same but problem and complication of flu is more intense than cold. Both cold and flu are contagious viral infection, cause severe respiratory problems. Flu outbreaks are seasonal mostly in late winter and in monsoon but there is no particular season for cold. Cold symptoms start slowly with running stuffy nose and sore throat but flu viruses spread fast and cause severe discomfort.


How to find basic relief?

· Sip tea, warm soup, milk and you will find relief in sore throat.

· Boil some water and add basil leaves. Strain the leaves and swallow the mixture to cough up. You can add honey also if you want.

· Try to breathe in stream and it will help you to clear your nostril and throat.

· Avoid cold water when you are taking shower.

· Take proper medicines and complete the course of antibiotics to get rid of respiratory cough.

Now to prevent Flu attack, vaccines hit the market before winter. Once your vaccination is done, you are safe from Flu for the whole year.


Recovery Time: If it is flu, it takes nearly seven days to cure properly. Medicines will help you to reduce your body temperature in 3-4 days. Flu makes its patients very feeble and that is why, doctors always suggest complete rest. Patients are advised to stay indoors until their health improves and they get their normal appetite back.

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