Glucose tolerance test for women - (non-pregnant are the focus audience)
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Glucose tolerance test for women - (non-pregnant are the focus audience)

Glucose tolerance test for women - (non-pregnant are the focus audience)

Glucose tolerance test is good for you for many reasons

Even though you are not an expectant woman, you should better go for GTT. This will help you in many ways. Read the section her below:

The test is important for every pregnant woman, but this will be ideal if you are not pregnant, yet you want to be sure about you blood sugar level.  The test is done in different way for the pregnant diabetic woman.

How is the test taken?

The most common type of glucose tolerance tests are done through oral tests. That is why it is commonly known as OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test). The test is preceded by taking a blood sample. After this you will take drink, which must contain some amount of glucose. In usual condition, the glucose measure will be 75 grams. Now within the gap of every 30 to 60 minutes, your blood will be again taken.

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The total test will be completed up to 3 hours.

Another test is IGTT (IV glucose tolerance test). This test is rarely done, because this test is not for investigating the level of blood sugar/glucose. Before the test a blood sample is taken. After this, glucose, mixed with IGTT, is injected in your vein. The time duration of this injection is 3 minutes. Now your blood insulin level will be tested just after 1 minute of the IGTT-glucose shot and again after 3 minutes of the IGTT-glucose shot. In some cases, the timing of the test will vary, depending on the case.

The preparation for the test

Your doctor will ask you to eat your normal courses of meal for several days. But before you go for the test, do not eat or drink anything at least for 8 hours. During the test also you can eat anythingBut before you go for the test, do not eat or drink anything at least for 8 hours. During the test also you can eat anything. You must ask your doctor about the side-effects of the test, if you are already under some medication.

What will be your feeling of the test?

When you drink the glucose solution, you will be feeling just the same you drink any sweet soda.

Very few people experience any serious side-effect from this test. However, some may feel nausea, light-headedness, sweat, short of breath and a few even faint after the glucose solution intake. So, you must disclose your history of symptoms before taking this type of medical procedure or blood test.

Needle penetration for the blood test causes a moderate pain for a few, but mostly people feel about a stinging or a prick. A few also throb after some time.

The necessity for this test

Our body needs glucose for energy. Many diabetic patients remain untreated with high glucose level in their blood.

The reasons for first test for diabetes for those who are not expectant women are:

1) Whether your blood glucose level is higher than 126 mg/dL after 2 different tests.

2) Diabetes is diagnosed through Hemoglobin A1c test, if the test result shows the level 6.5% or higher than that.

GTT is also helpful for diagnosing diabetes. OGTT is done for screening or diagnosing level of diabetes in fasting condition, which may be high but not above 125 mg/dL.

Results normally found

For those women who are not pregnant, normal blood values are tested through 75 gram oral glucose tolerance test for confirming or rejecting the case for type 2 diabetes.

The test readings are

• 2 hours: less than 140 mg/dL

• 1 hour: less than 200 mg/dL

• Fasting: 60 to 100 mg/dL

The above readings are common measurements for these types of GTT or OGTT tests’ results. There may be slight variation of normal value-ranges because of differences of laboratories. There are some labs which test different samples or use different measurements. You can talk to your doctor for knowing about the specific meanings of different laboratories.

How to mean the abnormal results?

 If the glucose level is higher, it means you are in the pre-diabetic or diabetic stage.

 If your blood test result is between 140 and 200 mg/dL, your case is impaired glucose tolerance. In the medical world it is known as pre-diabetic stage. There is increased chance of your developing diabetes over time.

 If your glucose level is 200 mg/dL or higher, you are diabetic.

What more to know about your higher/lower glucose level?

Surgery, heart attack, stroke, trauma etc. may be the causes for raising your blood sugar level. Many exercises are there to lower your higher glucose level.

Some medicines are there to lower or higher your blood glucose level. You are to disclose about your on-going medications to your medical consultant before you take the GTT or OGTT.

Risk factors involved in GTT or OGTT

As said above in the part, “What will be your feeling of the test?” you may have some the feelings discussed there-in.

Besides these, arteries and veins vary in sizes from person to person and also from one side of the body or the other. Taking the blood sample may also vary from one side to the other side.

Some of the slight risks are there for drawing blood, may be

• Feeling light-headed or fainting

• Excessive bleeding

• Infection, in case the skin is broken at the time of drawing blood

• Blood accumulation under the skin (Hematoma)


Do you think that only pregnancy is one of the causes for diabetes for the gestating woman? Do you think that the above discussion could throw some extra light on your existing knowledge about diabetes? Will you be benefited by taking GTT or OGTT, even though you are not pregnant? Has this discussion enlightened you about the precautionary measures before diabetes could disturb you? Have you come to know about the ideal glucose count you should not cross the level or go down the level? Actually you might have come to know about the good and bad health issues related to diabetes, because being a woman, it is always good to know about the pregnancy related issues, whether you are now pregnant or going to conceive in future.


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