High blood pressure and chronic kidney disease that matter your children--a parental guidance
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High blood pressure and chronic kidney disease that matter your children--a parental guidance

A parental guidance about how high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease that matter your children

High blood pressure among children with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) is a common syndrome. Since these children have high blood pressure and develop CKD, it is most common that these children face heart problems or may have worsening stage of CKD. The children, who are suffering from CKD, should have a regular blood pressure checkup. If the problem is early detected and the treatment is also initiated in an early stage, the complications can be reduced to a significant label. All the parents must take care that they are well aware of their children’s high blood pressure detection and their treatments are always regular.

The chronic kidney disease or CKD

If kidney is damaged due to some disease(s), the condition is known as Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD. In this stage, the children’s kidneys will not be in a position to carry on the following jobs:-

Æ Controlling blood pressure

Æ Promoting strong bones

Æ Maintaining the balance of acids and bases within the body

Æ Preventing low blood count or anaemia

Æ Making hormones that help in promoting normal growth & development

Æ Releasing certain hormones which are very essentials for the children’s growth

Æ Keeping the right balance of important chemicals such as calcium, phosphorous, potassium and sodium in the blood, and

Æ The most important one is removing the extra fluids and wastes from the body.

What happens if kidneys do not work properly

In case of improper working of kidneys, build ups of wastes in the blood will be too much. This will result in swelling in the hands & feet, poor appetite, fatigue, vomiting and nausea.

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Other complications like weak bones, high blood pressure, nerve damage, growth failure, poor nutritional health and anemia are the common phenomena. Further to it, due to kidney disease other issues like blood and heart vessel diseases are most likely to cause harm to the affected person. These problems affect the ailing person over a period of time, but without any type of symptom. The eventuality of CKD is kidney failure. In this situation, a patient needs either dialysis or kidney transplantation, for maintaining his/her life. If CKD is detected at the earlier stage, worsening or preventing of the complications can be prevented.

Causes of CKD in children and adults

Most of the adults become the victims of CKD due to high blood sugar and diabetes. However, as on date, this is not the case with the children. But it is a fact that more numbers of children are becoming the victims of high blood pressure and diabetes, the major cause in this case is over weight of the children. Overweight leads to serious health problems like CKD, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes

What are the other tests needed for a child with high blood pressure?

As a follow up high blood pressure check, your doctor will also check the condition and working of your child’s kidney. A GFR or glomerular filtration rate tells about your child’s kidney & its working condition. The calculation of GFR is done through a simple blood test for creatinine. The wastes from muscle activity are known as creatinine, which is formed due to the improper functioning of kidneys.

High urine protein level is a serious condition for which your child may have kidney disease. Once a kidney disease is detected, the further problem is likely to be worsening of the kidney disease, which may also add the developments of heart and blood vessels diseases.  If high blood pressure is treated, it may reduce the high urine protein level.

What are the roles of parents in helping their child with high blood pressure?

i) Your child’s overweight must be considered very seriously by you, so you must see that you child sheds extra weight by taking necessary steps as prescribed by the doctor. As a parent, you must never allow your child to take extra amount of calorie at any given time in a day. The most important thing is your child must be educated about the ill effects of overeating and intakes of salty items & snacks.

ii) You must talk to your child’s doctor about the right exercises your child should have. If some medications have been prescribed by your child’s doctor, make sure that the medication is strictly adhered to. In case your child has any side effect due to medication, let it be immediately known to the doctor.

What else can be done?

If at all you have anything to discuss about your child’s health, be frank to your doctor or to the other health personnel taking care of your child’s health.

Final warnings and key points to remember

Ø Children with CKD do commonly have high blood pressure

Ø Any child’s high blood pressure must be checked at regular intervals. This is a preventive measure from getting the kidney or heart and vascular diseases getting worsened.

Ø A cuff, fitting with the age and height of the child, is used to check the blood pressure of your child.

Ø The ailing child must be under the treatment of specialist doctors.

Ø Normally, blood pressure is lower among children. Doctors will compare your child’s blood pressure reading with the standard chart and match with the age, sex and size of the child.  This will help the doctor in determining the level of blood pressure you child has.

Ø Your child’s sex, size and age will depend upon the alteration/closer of the medication.


The high blood pressure treatment needs changes in lifestyle, appropriate medications, taking healthy diets, following regular exercises, losing over weight, reducing the intake of salt/salty items and keeping all these suggestions together for maintaining a good health of your child, having high blood sugar.




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