How much do you like to know about Video game addictions?

How much do you like to know about Video game addictions?

How much do you like to know about Video game addictions?

Overuse of video game is known as video game addiction. This is also known as psychological addiction. The addiction relates to the compulsive use of video games and computer. Let us discuss about the phenomenon’s perceived negative consequences.

MMORPGs (Massively Multilayer Online Role-Playing Games)

The most note-worthy are the MMORPGs are often related with the Internet addiction disorder. The users of this type remain compulsively addicted to the video games. These users always isolate themselves from the society and mostly focus on the achievements of the games. They do not bother for life events.

A debatable point

The issue of MMORPGs has evoked lots of debates in the USA. The effective meeting of the American Medical Association, held in 2016, had stressed on the topic of MMORPGs and vouched for intensive research on the fallouts of the effect and to consider a formal diagnosis. The medical fraternity has urged the American Psychiatric Association to come out with a suggestion that whether the diagnosis will be fit for inclusion in the “1998 American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”

Video Game addiction & DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual)

According to the indication of Michael Brody of the “American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry”, video games are addictive. However, he did not vouch for including the addiction perspective in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual).

Is Video Game addiction a mental disorder?

At that stage, APA (American Psychiatric Association), in its official statement in June 25, 2016, confirmed that the association does not vouch for video game addiction to be brought into the category of a “mental disorder”; however the association did not rule out the possibility of its inclusion in near future.

Are there possibilities of diagnostic part in the matter of Video Game addiction?

It is a fact that video game addiction has not yet been included either by the “International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems” or by the “DSM”; however, it is being seen in the perspectives of other psychological addiction.

Relation of Video Game addiction with other addictions

Video Game addiction is compared with compulsive gambling and is considered to be an impulse control disorder. However, there is no established diagnostic criterion for this type of addiction. The reason is the symptoms found in the impulse control disorder are the repetitive or regular displays of minimum of the 5 of these following.

 Preoccupation i.e. Persistent performance of the activity or the persistent thoughts of the activity

 Tolerance i.e. need for enhanced time being spent for the activity for achieving satisfaction or the lessened reward for the equal amount of the time for performing same activity.

 Loss of control i.e. powerlessness in controlling, stopping or diminishing the behavior.

 Withdrawal i.e. irritability or restlessness when prevented from indulging in the activity.

 Continuance (in spite of adverse consequences) i.e. lying to acquaintances about the extent of activity-related involvement.

 Continuance (in spite of adverse consequences) i.e. continuing with the illegal acts for sustaining activities

 Continuance (in spite of adverse consequences) i.e. depending on others for financing the activities

Prevalence of Video Game addiction in different parts of the world

There is no formal published study in regards to the prevalence of Video Game addiction. In April of 2016, a poll was conducted by the Harris Interactive, which observed that 8.5 per cent of the USA’s “youth gamers” could be categorized as “clinically or pathologically” addicted to video gaming. Similar type of survey was conducted in Britain in November 2006. The survey came out with the fact that 12% of these participated gamers had exhibited their addictive behavior. However, the video gaming addiction is more pervasive in Asian countries. Government of South Korea had conducted a survey to find that 2.4% of the population of the country, in the age group of 9 to 39 are addicts. The same survey of South Korea also found that 10.2% of the gamers were on the “border line”.

Different findings on Video Game addiction by reputed esteemed authorities

1) In the year 2005, Entertainment Software Association conducted a survey on the overuse of Video gaming. The association came to the conclusion that players of MMORPGs are more prone to overuse of video gaming.

2) As per the estimation of Massachusetts based McLean Hospital’s, Dr. Maressa Orzack, 8.5 million  players participate in the MMORPG World of Warcraft and 40 per cent of them are found to be addicted. The figure was managed by Nick Yee of the Daedalus Project.

3) A study was conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine, in the year 2016 to find that the video gaming addictions are more rampant in the “male” than in the “female”. The study was based on territorial basis.

Possible causes of the addiction

According to the theorists, the reward system which is built in the games is responsible for the players’ addictive nature.

Treatment initiatives by different countries

Rising to the occasion, The South Korean Government had to open many treatment centers to address the problem. The government in China had also responded to the malice and taken initiatives by opening many clinics for those who are already addicted to the video gaming, chatting and even to web surfing. The patients of this category have been forced to undergo the treatments by their parents and in some cases by the government, because of their uneasiness and some forms of pains.

Special Chinese Government’s initiative to tame the menace

An anti-gaming addiction system has also been introduced, by the Chinese government, in the year 2005. The system was put in place by reducing the in-game rewards, once a player finishes three hours of his/her engagement in the game. However, in the next year, the rule was relaxed for the gamers, who were above 18 years of age. But the alarming part is the under-aged are trying to evade the new ruling, to prove the extremity of the menace.

Special European initiative to fight with the Video game addictions

Amsterdam’s Smith and Jones clinic had opened up its first treatment facility for the Video game addicts, in the year 2006. The initial plan of the clinic was to provide residential treatments to the compulsive gamers. Responding to the alarming situation, Massachusetts’ McLean Hospital in Belmont had to open a Computer Addiction Service. Some other centers were also available in the area for the Video game addicts to seek generalized de-addiction support. One center in Richmond area of Canada had to deal with such crowd of Video game addicts that the counsellor’s 80% of the caseload was used up.

“On-Line Gamers Anonymous”, a panacea of the problem

“On-Line Gamers Anonymous” is a registered NGO that came into existence in the year 2002. The esteemed organization’s programs are to self-help, 12-steps, followed by support and recovery. The organization addresses to the needs of the Video game addicts and their loved ones, who are the victims of menace of overuse of computer gaming. The organization also provides various on-line meetings, different types of message boards and many other tools for “heal & support”.

Death due to Video game addictions

According to the well-established documents, many deaths have been reported due to the exhaustion form the overuse of time at a stretch and also for long periods of video gaming addictions. Lee Seung Seop of South Korea had to embrace death due to continuously playing Starcraft, at a stretch of 50 hours. After playing over 15 days at a stretch, Xu Yan of China’s Jinzhou province had died while he was engrossed over on-line games during Lunar Year holidays. One more un-named Chinese, aged around 30, resident of Guangzhou area of China had died after being exhausted for playing Video games over 72 hours at a stretch.

What else proves & documents do you need to know about the fatality of the Video gaming?

If you have studied the article and understood the motive of the article, you can well guide a person with this type of Video game addictions. The digitized & modern world is full with varieties of such games. You can get the games of many types from different sources. Many programmers are engaged for these life-taking games. The age group of the addicts are always in between the tender age (as low as you can imagine) and grown-ups (as high as you can imagine).


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