How much should you remain concerned about heart, attacks, stroke etc? They do really matter for all
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How much should you remain concerned about heart, attacks, stroke etc? They do really matter for all

Meaning of stroke

A stroke means either there is a vessel burst or blood is clotted, causing insufficient nutrients and oxygen to the brain. In case of either of the causes, oxygen-rich blood supply to the brain cannot be adequate. This causes the quick start of death of the brain cells. And this is also the reason, one must know about the symptoms and signs of strokes. Anyone having some of the symptoms must take action ‘then & there’.

If the blood clot is the reason for stroke, the name of the stroke is ischemic stroke. This is the most common type of stroke and these accounts for 87 per cent of all death cases in the USA.

Haemorrhagic stroke means either the blood vessels bleed or burst in the brain that compresses the surrounding tissues in the brain. This kind of stroke is responsible for 13 per cent of all types of strokes.

The next kind of stroke is TIA or ischemic attack due to temporary clotting of blood. This is rightly said to be the warning strokes. This type of strokes last only for a minute or two but gives the warning signal for a big attack and the beginning of a whole lifestyle change. This of course necessitates calling a doctor at the earliest.

Risk factors involved in it

In each year, the frequencies and the numbers of strokes in the USA are startlingly on the rise, so you must not live in fear and take preventive measures without further delay.

It is always advised that you must learn about the major symptoms and risk factors in strokes.

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Always have a good look to your mirror. Many of the risk factors are beyond your control, such as gender, age and race, but many can be controlled if you are alert in this matter.

What you can control?

Avoid cigarette smoking; take care of your diet, blood pressure and cholesterols.  Always have a look at the risk factors of strokes. Remain supervised by a competent doctor in every case of your physical conditions.

Atherosclerosis & Stroke

If a person’s arteries are hardened, the condition is known to be “Atherosclerosis”. Because of this situation, fatty substances, calcium, cholesterol, cellular waste products and other substances get built up in an artery’s inner lining. The condition is known as plaque.

The disease, due to the above disturbances, remains as a simple but with the complexities in the body condition that starts in the early childhood. With the progression of age the problems also get worsenedWith the formation of blood clots, there is every chance of stoppage of blood flow. Once the blood flow is stopped, either stroke or heart attack is the ultimate conditions.

The problems of heart diseases do not stop with death, they may surface in many other forms, which are being discussed below:-

Ø Congestive heart failure or heart failure: It is the condition when heart is in working condition, but fails to pump blood and eventually gets insufficient amount of oxygen.

Ø An abnormal heart rhythm or Arrhythmia

In this condition, the heart beating is either too irregular or too slow or even too fast. With this situation, the working of the heart tells about its capacity or failure to pump sufficient blood to the heart or receive sufficient oxygen in the brain, which are of prime importance for our body.

Ø Heart valve problems

Due to the congestion (in this situation), heart cannot open fully for properly allowing the flow of blood to it. Also in many cases the heart’s valves do not close properly. This causes blood leakages through it. In some cases the propulsions or bulges in the upper chamber of the heart are the eventuality. This causes backward or reverse flow of the blood, which is a dangerous situation.


The preventive measures of these anomalies

There are many reasons for causing heart diseases. Some of these heart problems are controllable and some are not. However, with the right care & education and information, heart diseases, especially in the cases of women, can be prevented, treated and, even in some cases, fully cured.

As per the studies, in these days 330 fewer women in USA die in each day due to heart diseases. So, to enjoy the better health, you must follow the following lifestyles:

•              Don’t smoke

•              Get your blood pressure under control

· Manage your blood sugar

•              Lower your cholesterol

•              Stay active

· Know your family history

•              Lose weight

•              Eat healthy

“Go Red” is the call of the time, because there is enough work to be done for completely eradicating heart diseases. This job has to be done together. Many women are joining the “Go Red” movements so that many unknown heart diseases related issues can be opened up or unearthed.

Causes, Risks and other Facts about the prevention of stroke

Stroke is known to be the 4th top most causes of death as well the cause of different types of disabilities in the United States of America. It is believed that someone or other in a family must have been the patient of stroke in the USA. The causes may be the family history or some other risk factors which could be the reasons at the back of it. Even any healthy person may fall sick of or find symptoms of strokes.

Statistical perspectives

Ø In each year, almost 795,000 Americans are found to be either the victims of strokes or have the recurrence of strokes. This means on an average, in every 40 seconds there is a case of stroke.

Ø Every year, stroke takes away 137,000 lives in the USA alone; this equates 1 of every 18 deaths

Ø Every 4 minutes, on an average, someone dies of stroke  in the USA

Ø Out of 100 stroke related death in the USA, 40 are males and 60 are females.

Ø Talking about the Mexican American in the age group of 20 or older, 2.7 per cent of women and 2 per cent of the men are the victims of strokes.


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