If Insomnia is your constant partner, get rid of it

If Insomnia is your constant partner, get rid of it

Suffering from Insomnia? Check out few effective tips…


Inability to fall asleep or stay asleep in spite of being tired is medically termed as insomnia. This sleeping disorder causes immense physical and emotional loss to a person. It is characterized by conditions like:

· Getting up frequently at night

· Struggling to get a peaceful sleep in spite of being dog tired.

· Depending heavily on sleeping pills and alcohols to fall asleep

· After sleeping for a while, getting awake and not being able to sleep anymore

· Feeling drowsiness, fatigue and becoming irritant

· Facing trouble concentrating

· Getting up too early

People working under extensive stressful situation can suffer from insomnia. One of the root causes of insomnia is stress. It simply makes it tough for a stressful person to fall asleep. Prolonged depression can cause insomnia. Excessive stress causes hyper arousal which in turn hampers the balance between sleep and sleeplessness. Psychological illnesses like bipolar disorder and post-traumatic disorders can also cause insomnia- be it mild or chronic to an individual.

Wondering of how to cure insomnia if you are a sufferer of any of the above physiological conditions? Start paying attention to your periods of relaxation by setting your bedtime and waking up time at par with the amount to sleep you are getting at present.

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Also before going to bed, spend sometime winding yourself by reading your favorite story book or listening to light music. It creates a ‘buffer zone’ for an insomniac wherein the mind starts getting calm and relaxed.

If you are in taking antidepressants, pain killers that contain caffeine or thyroid or high blood pressure medications for long, you might develop insomnia. Some of the sure shot ways can show you how to cure insomnia.

Ø Get the right kind of bed for you. Always go for the right kind of mattress with maximum comfort and firmness. Change pillows and see the difference.

Ø Do over your bedroom. Select tranquil wall paint for your bed room. Cool blue and green are perfect for your bed room

Ø Keep your bed room clean and airy. Keep the windows a jar and allow fresh air to get into your room.

Suffering from sleeplessness and want to know how to cure insomnia through alternative treatments? Well some of the most popular and effective alternative treatments which helps you to eradicate sleeplessness are acupuncture and hypnosis. There are many organizations and health clinics that are adept in alternative healing techniques and have benefitted people at large. Also yoga, aromatherapy, guided imagery, biofeedback, massages are equally good for improving ones sleeping disorder. You can also get hold of any such wellness center and make a difference to your life!

Under the guidance of a qualified practitioner, aromatherapy helps an individual to get a relaxing sleep. Prolonged usage of this therapy provides quality sleep to an individual thereby reducing stress and anxiety in the long run.

If you want to know how to cure insomnia through diet, these instructions will help you to do so:

Ø Try to have dinner 3 hours before you hit the bed. Indigestion often causes insomnia.

Ø Before you decide to sleep, go for a glass of lukewarm milk. It’s because dairy products are rich in amino acid which in turn provides you a good sleep.

Ø Also try to avoid drinking too much of water before going to bed. Frequent washroom visit will also hamper your night’s sleep.

Ø Include magnesium in your diet as it promotes relaxation and soothes your nerves and helps you to sleep. Intake dark leafy vegetables, fish, dry fruits, nuts and dark chocolate in your diet.

Ø Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee before bed time.

Don’t drain yourself in finding out ways of how to cure insomnia. Some very basic exercise and yoga sessions can help you to cure insomnia. Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful yoga posture can help you to stop suffering from sleeplessness. This exceptional breathing technique allows eradicating stress and unwinding the nervous system.

These simple yet powerful remedies show you the various ways of how to cure insomnia. No matter what, one should never accept a life devoid of sleep. Always remember that you deserve a better, fulfilling and quality life!


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