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Innovations in Healthcare in 2019 that can make your life easy

Innovation is important in every sector to ensure growth. It is something highly essential in the healthcare sector as you can judge. Only then, precious lives can be saved. Even, there are some devices that will help with improving health as well. In fact, it will not be an overstatement to say that innovative ideas in healthcare have made a great improvement in the healthcare domain.  It is time for us to explore the innovations made in the healthcare domain recently:

Pharmacogeonomic Testing:

You know that the genetic makeup of one individual is different from the other. So, to ensure customized treatment is given to each patient, this technology was introduced recently. It will help with identifying the genetic makeup of every patient to tailor the medical treatments. For instance, it will help with identifying in advance how a patient will respond to opioid therapy. This, in turn, reduces the chances of opioid abuse.

Artificial Intelligence:

Nowadays, AI is part of many of our lives. For instance, we use smartphones with AI cameras to make our clicks intelligent. Even, we use AI assistants these days in our homes. When AI has entered our lives, it has not left the healthcare domain as well. Thanks to this technology, it helps doctors save a lot of their precious time. AI assists physicians and diagnosis in healthcare in identifying pathology during diagnostic scans. Also, it helps healthcare by interpreting the mounds of electronic healthcare data.


Immunotherapy has made an innovation in cancer treatment by improving the efficiency of the immune system in the patient to fight tumours. To be more specific, the immune checkpoint blockers have shown excellent potential in the treatment of solid types of tumours like non-small cell lung cancer and melanoma. It is expected that one day, this therapy will turn out to be the better treatment for other types of cancers as well.

Smart Inhalers:

Inhalers are used effectively in the treatment of asthma. If taken in the right manner, it will effectively treat 90% of patients. Nevertheless, in reality, studies show that only 50% of patients use them correctly. To help patients with the proper use of inhalers, Bluetooth-enabled smart inhalers are now available. With this innovation, a small device is attached to the inhaler that records the time and the date of each dose ensures whether the right dose is administered. The data gathered is then sent to the smartphone of the user to help him/her keep track and control their condition.

Health Wearables:

Right from the introduction, healthcare wearable devices has grown considerably right for the release of Bluetooth around the year 2000. Thanks to this technology on the basis of which innovation in healthcare is made continuously. Nowadays, people use their phone for tracking everything right from their heartbeat, physical fitness and even steps. Even, they are able to keep track of their sleeping patterns, which is essential to keep health in check. Recently, Apple made headlines with its innovative Apple Series 4 Watch that comes with an integrated ECG to keep track of the heart rhythm of the user. By the year 2024, it is expected that the market for wearable devices will reach $67 billion.

Virtual Reality:

We know that virtual reality has been around for many years now. But, with the use of this technology in the field of medicine, students in this field are now able to get close to real-life situations for a better learning experience with this technology. They are able to rehearse medical procedures with the help of sophisticated tools. With this new medical technology 2019, they are able to get a visual understanding of human anatomy. Not just for medical students, but this technology also help practising doctors with diagnosis and treatment. They are able to prepare the patients for the procedures. Also, it has been proven to be of great help with patient recovery and rehabilitation.

In short, the healthcare domain is one of the fields highly benefiting from technological innovation. The latest medical technology inventions are going a long way in ensuring a healthy life for people. In addition to prevention, technological innovations are helping a long way in the treatment of conditions as well. Everyone in the healthcare field right from doctors, patients to future doctors are benefiting for sure.

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