insomnia in a different angle & its symptoms

insomnia in a different angle & its symptoms


Are you keeping yourself wide- awake? If yes, the article is for you.

What is keeping you awake till dawn despite your tiring hectic schedule? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and keep staring at the ceiling? These are the common symptoms of insomnia that takes toll on your health, energy strength, working power and mood. Chronic insomnia can cause serious health issues that can drag you to the hospital. Some changes in your lifestyle can put an end to this severe problem. Insomnia is when your sleep is not sufficient for the day. Every person requires different amount of rest and sleep and when it is not fulfilled it causes fatigue, weakness and even depression. It is not how many hours you are spending on bed and even after spending eight hours you may feel drowsy. Few symptoms of insomnia are difficulty in falling asleep, waking frequently at night, sleepless weekend, dependency on pills on a regular basis, drowsiness, lack of concentration and bad headache.

Two of the major causes of insomnia are depression and anxiety. Though both are emotional expressions but can ruin your sleep. First you have to find out the reasons for insomnia followed by proper treatment.

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Like you, many people are sleep deprived and cry for a sound sleep. The following reasons can be your problem too.

· If you are depressed, gloomy and unsatisfied, your mind becomes imbalanced and that causes sleeplessness.

· Insomnia affects when you are under tremendous pressure which can be both in professional and personal life.

· When you are tensed, worried about something, it can turn you a victim of insomnia.

· Shock or trauma not only pains us but also snatches our sleep.

Physical health: Physically unfit people often get disturbed sleep because of vulnerable health. Flu medications, anti-depressant pills, pain reliever tablet all give trouble during sleep. Moreover, when you have pain or headache, you feel uncomfortable and your frequent body movements do not allow you to sleep soundlessly.

Mental stress hinders sleep: Sometimes a punctual person who goes by clock and maintains his or her daily schedule, complains about sleeplessness that prevails throughout the night. This kind of insomnia that originates from disturbed mind goes easily once everything gets sorted out. Trauma, shock, hypertension are a few mental conditions that can hamper sleep for a temporary period.

You can treat these problems if you keep the following things in mind.

Maintain your schedule: Go to bed regularly at the same time to support your biological clock. This will trap you in a regular sleep rhythmDrop the curtain from where sunrays enter your room. You can also try sleeping mask and earing plug for a prolonged sleep.

Avoid small naps: Many of us have the tendency to sleep in the afternoon which hampers our sleep at night. No matter how tired you are, try to be awake during day. Moreover, it is not a good sign if you take small naps in office. Afternoon nap also interrupts our digestion system.

Check on coffee, smoking and alcohol: We have a habit to take coffee over tea when we feel sleepy or tired. Excessive intake of the same hampers our quality sleep. Similarly alcohol and cigarette interfere in our sleep order and keep us awake for a long time.

Brain for sleep: Our brain releases melatonin hormone which regulates our sleep circle. The production of this hormone depends on the natural light. So avoid bright artificial light during night and increase light exposure during day to adjust your body clock for a proper sleep-wake cycle.

Avoid physical activity just before bedtime: Don’t get involved into any vigorous activities such as exercise, video game that damage our concentration and also responsible for delayed sleep.

Now our hectic office schedule is one of the prime causes for insomnia. Alternate night shift disrupts our body clock. Frequent rotational shift is definitely not a good choice for health. Don’t think too much when you are trying to sleep. We start working on mind and get worried about future. It only increase sleep difficulties and makes insomnia worse. There is no point to toss and turn till 1 am. Just forget about everything and close your eyes when you want an uninterrupted sleep.





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