Intricacies of depression---what it is? A microscopic to macroscopic study – Part 2
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Intricacies of depression---what it is? A microscopic to macroscopic study – Part 2

The intricacies of depressions among all section of human being right form childhood to childbirth

The depression disorder is not limited to a particular age or sex. The article will give you enough idea about the different sex and different age groups that include the babies & children.

Although the causes are different in different cases, but depression makes a human’s life different in many ways. Since babies and children also do come in the categories of victims at their very early life, they need to be taken care of at that very stage; else the damages are uncountable in their grownup life.

Depression in men

Symptoms and signs

Men, when compared with women, are most likely to experience anger, irritability, low energy and also sometimes bend on inflicting pain to others. Loss of interest in hobbies or in work, sleep problems and substance abuse are the indications found in men when under depression. Men are found to engage themselves excessively in the risky jobs when they are under depression. They tend to commit suicide four times more than the female sex in the similar condition. In spite of these difficulties, men are less intended to receive treatments in this condition

Depression in women

While comparing with men, women are found to develop this depressive condition at an earlier stage with more depressive episodes. These episodes in women last longer and these conditions tend to recur more frequently than the men.

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Women are more found to have seasonal pattern to the depressive situations and also indicate about atypical depressions sleeping, eating, weight gaining, carbohydrate craving, mood worsening during evening time, heavy feelings in the lower and upper limbs and feeling difficulties in getting to sleep. Women, if compared with men, have more anxiety, dependant personality and eating disorder. Menopause, which is the normal time of life, can last up to 10 years if the woman has ‘Perimenopause’ conditions with depression. Both menopause and perimenopause are the normal course of life, but the risk of depression increases with perimenopause during this period. Further to it, those women who have the history of depression are likely to have major depression during this period of perimenopause.

Depression in teenagers

Symptoms and signs

Teenagers are found to be more irritable, in addition to losing interest in their normal activities. They tend to start abusing substances while gaining extra weight. Teenagers are found to remain less concerned about their safety, so they tend to accept more risks. This vulnerable group of depressed are more likely to commit suicides, if compared with their younger ones with depressions. Acne problem in the adolescent period creates higher risks of depressionsBut the intensity of the feelings is seen much more than the actual baby blues. Mostly these patients withdraw themselves from their daily chores.


In this abnormal situation of functional withdrawal or inability, intervention of a doctor becomes urgently necessary. If medical intervention is delayed, the condition can worsen and the symptoms may be seen even up to one year. Although it is a serious condition, it is treatable through counselling and medications.

3) Postpartum psychosis

This is the most serious among these three mental illness conditions, affecting the new mothers. The occurrences of this illness can be very quick, like within 90 days after the delivery. The patients in this category experience psychotic depression. In this state of condition the patients remain away from reality and face with auditory hallucinations, which mean they listen something which is actually not. Example: Talking of a person. They may also have delusions which means they see something which is actually not. Among these two types of hallucinations, the latter one that is delusions are less common, but cases are there. The most common among the problems are insomnia, a condition of sleeplessness. The other problems are restlessness or remaining unsettled, strange feelings, angers accompanied with homicidal or suicidal behaviours / thoughts.

These types of patients should be medically treated by a competent doctor. A few of these cases need hospitalizations because of the severity of the cases. Such new mother may hurt self, others or even her own new born baby.

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