Is there any difference between the Sperm donations through sperm agencies or through sperm banks?

Is there any difference between the Sperm donations through sperm agencies or through sperm banks?

Sperm donations through sperm agencies or through sperm bank

In some countries, sperm agencies are allowed to get sperm donations, in place of a sperm bank. In this exercise, the collection agencies remain interested in recruiting sperm donors. In most of the cases modern virtual world is a good platform for advertising or for being advertised. As far as donors are concerned, they have to undergo tests and checks for fulfilling the conditions of a sperm bank. However, clinics and agencies are not bound by the same type of regulations. The agencies practices to send the sperm to the potential recipient, instead of getting it frozen.

How the donation and receiving process goes?

In most of the cases, a donor is chosen by a female (rather to say a prospective female), as she requires donations. The donor is informed by the agency to supply the sperm on a stipulated date which the recipient nominates.

In usual process a sperm donor is given a “sperm collection kit” that will also include a collection condom. Other than these, the sperm donor will be given a container for shipping the sperm.

How the sperm is shipped?

Since the donor may be from any part of the planet, a sophisticated currier system is employed for getting the job done without any sort of lapses till it reaches the recipient. After collection, the recipient can inseminate herself without any medical help. Anonymity of the both donor and the recipient is kept absolutely secret. By this practice, a donor can produce healthy sperm at his home and in his privacy for further donations.

As per general practice, the donor will produce sperm once or twice during the recipient’s period of fertility. The notable point here is the

1) Second time’s sperm always may not bear the same “fecundity” that of the first time. The reason being is sperm’s quickest production between the first and second time. This is the reason; the pregnancy rates vary between the sperm banks or the sperm agencies.

2) Transit time is the other vital factor to cause serious impact on the insemination. This proves that if the recipient and the donor reside at a far distance, the quality of the donor’s sperm is most likely to deteriorate.

3) The frozen sperm has lower “fecundity” rate when compared with the fresh sperm and that also at the quickest possible time of donation and insemination. The pregnancy rates are much higher in the fresh sperms, if compared with the frozen sperms.

The differences in practices of sperm agencies and the sperm banks

In most of the cases, limits are imposed by the sperm agencies in regards to the number of donations from each donor. This practice is stricter in the sperm banks because of the regulations of the whole processes. That makes the differences between the two different sperm handlers:

Sperm banks makes number of vials from the donated sperm

Sperm agencies do not make number of different vials

Number of pregnancies  are found to be more in the sperm banks

Number of pregnancies  are found to be less in the sperm agencies

The regulations in the sperm banks ensures the better sperm quality

The  lack of regulations in the sperm agencies ensures quantity not quality or the better sperm

The subsequent pregnancies by a same female can be from the sperm bank, because of sperm quality from different donors

The subsequent pregnancies by a same female cannot be as good as from a sperm agency, because of sperm quality in many cases from a same donor



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