Liver transplantation and its every inch of information for better knowledge of it
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Liver transplantation and its every inch of information for better knowledge of it

Liver disease, leading to liver transplantation & the medical care


Normally, the onset of liver diseases is gradual and that is why no specific symptoms prompt the affected person to seek medical help. But usual symptoms like weight loss ness, weakness and fatigue may be the only symptoms for this type of disease.

However, yellow skin or jaundice is the uncommon symptom for this problem and needs immediate medical attention.

If abdominal pain, vomiting and fever persist, the call for a doctor becomes imminent.

Tylenol overdose or acetaminophen, intentional or accidental, is responsible for acute liver failure. In this condition, the patient needs emergent evaluation and also the treatment. Antidotes for the protection of liver become essential provided it is used within a few hours of the seriousness of the problem. This intervention is essential because overdose of acetaminophen can cause liver failure and compel the doctor to transplant the liver.

Liver transplantation

In case the original liver does not function properly or the liver fails completely, the need for liver function comes imminent. The situation may be due to complications or infections in liver for consequences of some long term problem or certain medications.

The reason for liver transplantations is as below:-

When the specialist doctors determine the complete failure of, it becomes mandatory to transplant the liver.

What are the compelling factors for this important transplantation?

• Alcoholism

• Malformation of the bile ducts (Biliary atresia).

• A common inherited disease, Hemochromatosis, in this condition the body has extraordinary iron.

• Cirrhosis or Chronic hepatitis.

• Narrowing or Scarring of the bile ducts, known as Sclerosing cholangitis detected both inside and outside of the liver that cause the bile’s backup in the liver, leading to liver failure.

• Primary biliary cirrhosis means when our immune system abnormally attacks and also destroys the bile ducts, leading to liver failure.

• Wilson's disease, in this condition abnormal copper is deposited throughout the body, including liver. This is a hereditary disease. The problem leads to liver failure.

• The extraordinary accumulation of Alpha-1 antitrypsin protein within the liver leads to Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and finally causing cirrhosis.

• Liver cancer

How to determine the liver transplantation?

The experts from different medical fields, as a team, need to examine the real necessity of liver transplantation. Interdisciplinary approaches by different medical experts are needed for evaluating and selecting this type of health care situation.

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The coordinator will also inform the patient about other necessary issues. Further to it, additional blood test, chest-x-ray and an electrocardiogram will be taken. A repeat meeting with your surgical doctor and anaesthesiologist will be needed for better coordination before the operation.

What are the issues during the liver transplant operation?

The time span for the liver transplantation is between 6 to 12 hours. The operation will be for removing your liver and replanting your donor’s liver. Since transplantation is a major procedure, several tubes will be placed within your body. These tubes are auxiliary units for maintaining normal functioning of your body during and after some time of the transplantation.

Need & procedures for Tube placement

 Your trachea or windpipe will be connected through a tube via your mouth for helping you breathe during the transplantation operation. The tube will be there for the first and consecutive two days of your operation. The tube will remain attached with a ventilator for expanding your lung in a mechanical way.

 Another N/G (nasogastric) tube will be inserted up to your stomach for draining the secretion from your stomach. This will remain attached for a few days till your bowel operation becomes normal.

 Catheter, another tube will be attached with your bladder for draining out your urine. Again this is for a few days till your urine system is coming back to normal condition.

 Your liver will be attached with three more tubes for draining blood to and from. This will remain attached for a week, in ideal condition.

 A special tube may be attached in your bile duct. The name of the tube is T-tube. This is for draining your bile into a small pouch outside of your body and the extract will be measured many times in a day. This is not mandatory for all the transplantation cases. If it is there, it will be for 4 to 5 months. The tube will not cause any disturbances for the patient.


The liver transplantation means a new life for the recipient. If the donor is a live-donor, he/she will also have a new life of satisfaction.






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