Lower Back Pain - What To Know?

Lower Back Pain - What To Know?

The lower back in the humans is the intricate structure of overlapping and interconnected elements. Here is what is constitutes:

• Spinal discs with inner cores that are gummy in nature

• Complex and small joints

• Highly sensitive nerve and nerve roots that travel from the lower back to the legs

• Muscles, tendons and many other soft tissues.

The thing to remember here is that any problem or even an irritation with any of these structures can lead to lower back pain or even some patients might experience a radiating pain that travels to other parts of the body as well. When the ache is caused due to muscle spasms, it can be severe and if it is caused due to a number of other syndromes, it can turn out to be a chronic pain.


Even though, pain in the lower back is something common, the severity and symptoms differ widely. For instance, when a simple muscle strain can make a doctor visit compulsory, major disc degeneration can cause just an intermittent and mild discomfort in the back. When it comes to getting the right relief, it is important to identify the underlying cause and so here the right diagnosis becomes important.

Pain caused by age:

Some causes behind pain in the lower back are known to be common in younger adults as against older people. Here are some instances to know:

• Younger adults, those between the age group of 30 and 60 are likely to experience back pain right from the disc space itself.

• When it comes to older adults of more than 60 years of age, they can experience this pain due to joint degeneration issues.

When to seek medical help?

In most of the cases, the pain in the lower back does not need immediate medical attention. But, it becomes important to seek medical help immediately, if the ache is caused as a result of severe trauma or when it is associated with any of the following symptoms:

• Chills and/or fever

• Recently weight loss due to unexplained reasons

• Considerable amount of weakness in the legs

• Sudden bladder or bowel incontinence

• Either difficulty or reduction in the urine output or bowel movement or less of control over urination.

• Continuous or severe abdominal pain

When medical help is sought, the doctor will identify the cause behind the pain like whether is caused due to a fracture, tumor or an infection.

Common causes of back pain in younger adults:

In some cases, younger adults experience great pain in the back after a sudden movement or a heavy weight lift. When this is the case, they will experience the symptoms like muscle spasms, local soreness when trying to touch the area, achy and dull pain. Difficulty in moving that can be severe enough and can even prevent them from walking or standing. The possible cause is back muscle strain.

In some cases, the pain will be relieved with complete rest and if there is betterment after complete rest, it is not essential to take medical help.

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Gonorrhoea can be transmitted by the infected towels, handkerchiefs of the infected person, But most cases are due to sexual contacts, find here list of good Gynecologist in Kochi.
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