Never remain passive with high blood pressure; you may not get much time to reason your passiveness
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Never remain passive with high blood pressure; you may not get much time to reason your passiveness

Never remain passive with high blood pressure; it will  never excuse you


High blood pressure is just the killer issue for one and all

As per some misconception or common myth, people with Hypertension or HBP (High Blood Pressure) will have nervousness, facial flushing or sweating and difficulty in sleeping.  But the fact is HBP has no symptoms. So no one with High Blood Pressure must make mistake of waiting for the symptoms to come, if any one makes this mistake he or she is highly risking his or her life. For the best health, everybody should know the number of his or her blood pressure and take all the necessary steps to prevent the development of high blood pressure.

Headache as the symptom—the myth

As per the extensive studies, HBP is not responsible for headache, barring the cases of diastolic/bottom number higher than 110 or systolic/top number higher than 180, which are known as hypertensive.

Decades back, in early 1990, people used to think high blood pressure is the common causes of headaches among people. But according to many researches, the view is negated. One of the studies concluded just the reverse. The study has found out that those with high blood pressure get fewer headaches, if compared with the other people.

Neurology, the journal has published that people with the top number in blood pressure (or higher systolic blood pressure) are less prone to headache than those whose blood pressure readings are healthier. Some other researchers had studied the ‘pulse pressure’, another type of measurement. In this type, a change in blood pressure is noted during the heart’s contractions.

Pulse pressure calculation

The diastolic reading or the bottom number is subtracted from the systolic reading or the top number. The persons with higher pulse pressure are 50 per cent better off in the matter of headache.

The rippling factors one’s high blood pressure can generate

According to the researchers, if the pulse pressure is higher the blood vessels will be stiffer. As the blood vessels are stiffer, the working of the nerve endings will be below normal. And in case the nerve endings are not properly working, there is less likelihood that the person will have the feelings of pain.

Hence, neither headache nor lacks of headaches are ever the reliable indicators of any one’s blood pressure. Only doctor can evaluate the exact cause and the diagnosis.

Myths, surrounding nosebleeds and its symptoms

Barring hypertensive crisis nosebleeds are never a symptom of HBP. As per some study, out of 100 percent patient with high blood pressure, only 17 persons have been treated in emergency department of any hospital for nosebleeds and the rest did not have any such problem.  But it is also a fact that the persons with high blood pressure had more than usual nosebleeds in their early stage of the HBP problem. Some other factors are also there, such as, if one has frequent nosebleeds i.e. more than once a week which is hard to stop or seen to be heavy, immediate consultation with the doctor is very much necessary.


Causes of nosebleeds

Varieties of factors are responsible for the nosebleeds. The most common among them is dry air. The lining of our nose is comprised of many blood vessels, which are prone to easy blood flows. In the heated indoor air or in the desert southwest, our nasal membranes can become dried out, making the nose bleeding. One more cause is, if nose is vigorously blown, or the person has problems as like allergies, a deviated septum, colds, sinusitis and side effects from some anticoagulant drugs such as aspirin or Coumadin i.e. warfarin, the person may have nose bleeds.

Other unknown symptoms

One should not ever try to self-diagnose his or her high blood pressure. Only the competent medical practitioners must be consulted for the exact diagnosis of high blood pressure. Many factors may be involved in HBP in indirect way, but they are very much active in causing high blood pressure.

The unknown symptoms may be

· Eyes with blood spots

Sub-conjunctival haemorrhage or eyes with blood spots are commonly seen among the people with high blood pressure or diabetes; however none of them is responsible for blood spots. If anyone has floater in the eyes, he or she may not be the case of high blood pressure. An expert or ophthalmologist will be the right person to diagnose the actual problem of the damage to the optic nerve because of untreated HBP.

· Flushing around face

In case the facial blood vessels dilate, this will be the cause of facial flushing. Symptoms like unpredictable burning and red face, which can be due to some triggering factors like cold weather, skin care products, hot drinks, wind, spicy foods, foods and sun rays, can also be the causes of flushing around the face.  Other factors like emotional stress, alcohol consumption, exposure to hot water or heat and finally exercise can also contribute to the causes of facial flushing, because they temporarily raise the blood pressure. The underlying factor is more than normal. Blood pressure may rise facial flushing, but it must be noted that HBP is never the reason for facial flushing.

· Dizziness

Although HBP never causes dizziness, it can be a side effect from some medications of high blood pressure. However, dizziness is never to ignore, especially in case of sudden occurrence of dizziness. Trouble of walking, loss of balance and sudden dizziness are the signs or warning signals of strokes. High Blood Pressure is one of the vital factors of strokes.


The Hypertensive Crisis & its relation with high blood pressure

In case your blood pressure readings are dangerously high like diastolic of 110 or higher OR systolic of 180 or higher, symptoms of hypertensive crisis are obvious to occur. In medical science this much of high blood pressure is termed hypertensive, for which immediate medical intervention is needed.

In addition to high blood pressure readings, the affected person may experience hypertensive crisis.

Knowledge about hypertensive crisis

Hypertensive crisis is known as high escalation of blood pressure, often leading to stroke. If the blood pressure is extreme such as diastolic pressure, a bottom number of 120 mm Hg or higher OR systolic pressure, a 180 millimetres of mercury (mm Hg) or higher, the condition will damage blood vessels. The blood vessels become inflamed with the possibility of leaking blood or fluid. In this situation, the heart will fail to pump blood in an effective way.

The causes of hypertensive emergency are:

· Stroke

· Heart attack

· Missing your blood pressure medication

· Rupture in the aorta (main artery)

· Heart failure

· Kidney failure

· Eclampsia (Convulsions during pregnancy)

· Interaction between medications

Categories of hypertensive crisis

There are 2 types of hypertensive crisis: 1) Urgent and 2) Emergency

1) Urgent hypertensive crisis

In this condition a person’s blood pressure is extremely high, but there may not be any damage to any of your organs.

2) Extremely hypertensive crisis

In this condition also a person’s blood pressure is extremely high, but this may cause damages to organs. The person with this condition is extremely in the risk of life threatening issues.

Symptoms & signs of hypertensive crisis

· Severe chest pain

· Nausea and vomiting

· Confusion, blurred vision with severe headache

· Shortness of breath

· Severe anxiety

· Unresponsiveness

· Seizures


In case of symptoms of high blood pressure is experienced, immediate medical intervention must be sought. Hospitalization followed by oral or intravenous medications may only be the course of treatments.

In case of emergency home remedy

A caution: Home remedies from over the counter medicines i.e. cold remedies & their fallouts.

(It is often seen that many choose self-medication and decide to go with over the counter medications).

The patients with high blood pressure must not take recourse to over the counter medications. Over the counter medications may result in decongestions, which is one of the most common factors for the patients with high blood pressures. The initial benefit the patient may get is relief from nasal stiffness, because these medicines narrow down blood vessels, in addition to reducing the swelling in the nose. Once the blood vessels are narrowed down, the other blood vessels are sure to be affected as a sequel.  Once this happens, this will heighten blood pressure.

High blood pressure must be checked immediately, by avoiding multi symptom cold remedies from over the counter medicines, which actually contain decongestants like phenylephrine, naphazoline, pseudoephedrine, ephedrine and oxymetazoline.

Alternative ways of managing emergency till the doctor reaches to the patient or the patient reaches to the doctor (only in this condition)

ð Cold medications :-There are some cold medications exclusively meant for high blood pressure patients. These medications are Coricidin HBP, which is only free from decongestants, but has many other powerful drugs such as dextromethorphan. This drug cannot be taken too much. The doses are to be taken as per instructions there-in.

ð Pain reliever: If you have fever, body aches, sore throat or headache, try Tylenol  i.e. acetaminophen or aspirin

ð Saline nasal spray: - For getting relieve from nasal congestion, saline nasal spray is very effective. Your sinuses can be flushed out by the spray.

ð Throat soothing: - If you have scratchy or sore throat, either drink lemon or honey mixed warm water or gargle with salt water.

ð Drink as much fluid as possible: You can drink tea, soup, water, juice etc. for cleaning your mucus, phlegm in your lungs.

ð Raise your home humidity: A vaporizer or cool-mist humidifier to be used for moistening the air and also for easing your coughing & congestion.

ð You need to call your doctor or get hospitalised before it is too late.


Risk factors involved in the hypertensive emergency

If blood pressure is not controlled within the limited time, it can turn to be severe, which may result into:

· Stroke

· Eclampsia

· Memory loss

· Heart attack

· Loss of consciousness

· Loss of kidney function

· Damage to the kidneys & eyes

· Aortic dissection

· Fluid build-up in the lungs or Pulmonary edema

· Unstable chest pain or Angina

Recommendation for the blood pressure patients

So, if you have high blood pressure like diastolic pressure, a bottom number of 120 mm Hg or higher OR systolic pressure, a 180 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) or higher and you feel possibility of organ damage like chest pain, back pain, shortness of breath, numbness/weakness, difficulty speaking and change in vision, do not wait for the symptoms to subside of their own, get immediate help from an expert physician or rush to a nearby hospital. You can also call the emergency numbers available with you. Always take care of the facts: you have not ignored the symptoms for a long time and rushing to the doctor as your last option. Just ask yourself—can you reason your delay or ignoring your serious body condition for a long time?





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