Organ donation is a big problem in India, union government considers it as a challenge--Part--1
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Organ donation is a big problem in India, union government considers it as a challenge--Part--1

Organ donation is a big problem in India, and so posing an uncontrollable challenge


Organ donation is a big problem in India, as has been stated by B.P.Sharma, Union Health Secretary in India. According to him although India has advanced medical infrastructure, legal frame works and well-orchestrated programs, it is still finding very difficult to balance the demand and supply of organs.

Mr. B.P.sharma was briefing the officials of the stake holders and state governments of the NOTP (National Organ Transplant Program) and confronted that there is a big gap between supply and demand of the organs in the country.

Mr Sharma asserted that the country has solid legal framework, infrastructure, professionals and well-orchestrated programs, yet the country could not come up to the expectations of meeting the demands of the organs. Hence the gravity of the situation prompts the authorities to understand the impeding challenges so that they can work on the positive outcome of this tremendous problem.

The aim of the occasion

It was the National Organ Donation day when the Union health secretary was releasing the NOTP’s operational guidelines, which was aimed at spear heading the move of organ donations. He was emphasising that organ donation is a noble gesture, so it should be promoted by creating awareness among the people and also encourage them towards donating organs. To make it a success, involvement of leaders, civil society and the other stakeholders is very much important.

Afford-ability by the patients

“Since afford-ability is a crying need for the patients, accessibility to organ transplant must be barrier free”, was the call of the day. The Director General Services, Jagdish Prasad stated that the lack of awareness is the prime barrier for the inadequate supply of organs or lower number of organs. Mr Prasad also reiterated that the stakeholders and The Indian Medical Association must be involved in the campaign for donating organs.

Concerns of organ donations

The main concern of organ donation is studying the problem of demand and supply. The country needs 100,000 livers and 200,000 kidneys in each year and only 2 to 3 per cent of the patients are lucky to receive the donated organs.

Donors in India

According to some estimates, in India, every year 90,000 people’s deaths are due to road accidents. Among these deaths, 40% of these ill-fated deaths are due to ‘brain dead”. The Director of the MOHAN foundation, Dr Sunil Shroff viewed that 50 per cent of the organ requirements should be met by the organs from the road accident victims.

Lack of awareness about organ donation

It is well known that people need to be educated about organ donations. The best way to improve upon the situation is educating people about the result of organ donation. If people can be educated the problem of demand and supply of organs can be solved. So there must be easy approach and manageable mechanism for making the organ donation a great success. So finally, as far as organ donation is concerned, India is passing through a very big crisis period, so everyone must come forward to win over the crisis.



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