How Physiotherapy is Beneficial for Back Pain

How Physiotherapy is Beneficial for Back Pain

How Physiotherapy is Beneficial for Back Pain

When someone gets injured or affected by illness or disability, etc. Physiotherapy helps them in restoring the movement and functions of the body. Physiotherapy for back pain is one of the best example in the field of Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a degree based healthcare profession and they are called Physiotherapists. Physiotherapists use their skills and knowledge to cure the range of conditions in the body such as:

  • Cardiovascular ( rehabilitation after heart attack, chronic heart disease)

  • Neuromusculoskeletal (back pain, sports injuries, arthritis, whiplash associated disorder)

  • Neurological (stroke, Parkinson's ,multiple sclerosis)

  • Respiratory (asthma, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Back pain is a very common problem among peoples and can vary from a slight twinge to severe pain at times. If this problem is managed properly, it is easily get resolved. Physiotherapy for back pain is good option.

Causes of Back Pain:

The main causes of back pain are discs, joints, muscles and ligaments or most often a mixture of these. It is usually the result of acute trauma/injury or poor postural habits and the resulting accumulation of stress on the spine. However, there are other rarer, more serious causes of back pain that can result in progressive inflammatory processes affecting bones and joints.

Symptoms of Back Pain:

Back pain occurs between the lower ribs and butt with or without the addition of leg pain. Lower back pain generally lasts for a few days to weeks and it is usually as a result of trauma or arthritis. If someone is bearing from lower back pain for more than three months then it will be considered as chronic. The symptoms of back pain are as follows:

  • Muscle ache

  • Shooting pain

  • Limited movement of the body

  • Altered walking

  • Difficulty in standing straight

  • Nerve pressure

Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain:

Physiotherapy for back pain can help the people to resolve this problem. The goal of physiotherapy for lower back pain is to restore pain free movement.

  • Those ladies who are pregnant and suffering from back pain there is a special exercise for them i.e. Cardiovascular Exercise for back pain during pregnancy.

  • Back pain is a multifactorial. Physiotherapists diagnosis the problem of back pain in the joints and soft tissues of the body. They can do an assessment and make a treatment plan for helping the patients who are suffering from the problem.

  • For resolving the problem of back pain physiotherapists do a manual therapy such as spinal manipulation/ mobilisation and massage which provides relief to the patients who are suffering from back pain.

  • Physiotherapists also advised some home based exercises which help in restoring the muscular strength and accurate movement patterns.

  • Pilates and Yoga are also advised by the Physiotherapists which help in movement of the body.

  • Some physiotherapists and certified Acupuncturists use the method of acupuncture or dry needling for curing the problem of back pain.

The treatments advised by most of the Physiotherapists are as follows:

  • Back brace

  • Acupuncture

  • Massage

  • TENS Machine

  • Posture supports

  • Weight loss

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