PKD or Polycystic can affect every one---the kidney matter

PKD or Polycystic can affect every one---the kidney matter

PKD or Polycystic (kidney disease)

PKD is a genetic condition, due to the developments of cysts on the kidney. As on date no cure is available in medical world, however the management of symptoms and reduction of the risk of complication is possible. In nature, cysts are benign or noncancerous. They appear to be round sacks, containing water-like fluid. The sack sizes are different from tiny ones to large-sized ones.  These cysts keep replacing much of the kidney-mass, leading to reduced kidney functions. With the progression of the problem, kidney failure is the ultimate eventuality. Benign cysts are a common affair and hence do not need treatment. It should be also clear that if one has one or more cysts, should be considered the victim of “polycystic kidney disease”.  This polycystic kidney disease is never limited to only kidneys; of course kidneys are the most vulnerable organs to be affected by this disease. This disease does not cause cysts to get developed in the membranes, liver, pancreas, seminal vesicles and central nervous system.

Symptoms of Polycystic or PKD

Those affected by the PKD have high blood pressure due to the diseased kidney. Since high blood pressure is fatal, deaths due to high blood pressure are not uncommon. Due to Polycystic or PKD problem, kidney failures are also the eventualities.

The most common symptoms are:

== Pain in the back or sides

==high blood pressure

==frequent kidney infections

==enlarged and painful abdomen


==kidney stones

==abnormal heart valves

==blood in the urine

==liver and pancreas cysts

Having Polycystic or PKD problem is never an un-heard of matter, because people live normal life years together even with this disease, without developing any symptoms or signs of the problem. If you see any symptoms of PKD, such as an increase in the size of your abdomen, high blood pressure, blood in the urine, kidney stones, back or side pain, you must consult your physician, before it is too late and the doctor has limited or no option to give you the best, otherwise he could have.


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Hello, good to see that you are from Bhadrak, yes,that is why u must keep your genital organs clean and dry because moisture can favour infections.
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