Poor Color Vision - What Should You Know?

Poor Color Vision - What Should You Know?

Poor color vision is nothing, but the reduced ability to differentiate between certain colors. Even though, many people use the term ‘color blindness’ to this condition, color blindness is something different as people with color blindness face total lack of color vision. This is only a rare condition. Most people with this condition will not be in a position to differentiate between the different shades of red and green. Rarely, some of them cannot differentiate shades of yellow and blue as well.

When to seek the help of a doctor?

If you suspect that you have poor color vision, it is better to go for an eye examination. It is important that kids should be taken for a comprehensive color examination inclusive of color vision testing before they begin their schooling.

What causes poor color vision?

In general, seeing colors across the light spectrum starts with the ability of your eyes to differentiate primary colors like red, blue and green. Light generally enters the human eyes through the cornea and passes through the lens and a transparent jelly-like tissue present in the eyes to the color-sensitive cells, which are present in the back of the retina. There are chemicals present in the color-sensitive cells and they distinguish the colors and send the information via the optic nerve to your brain. If the color-sensitive cells lack in one or more chemicals, the individuals can see only two fundamental colors. When talking about the causes of poor color vision, the following reasons are stated:

Inherited disorders: This is the main cause for inability to differentiate certain colors in men and women. Men are more prone to this condition as against women. If genes are the reasons behind your poor color vision, it will be present in both eyes and the severity will not change over your lifetime.

Diseases: Some diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, sickle cell anemia, chronic alcoholism, diabetes and leukemia can cause this issue. If this is the cause, one eye may get more affected than the other and if the disease is cured the poor color vision will also be cured.

Certain medications: Some medicines prescribed for heart problems, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, nervous disorders, infections and psychological problems can create poor color vision issue.

Aging: As age advances, the ability of people in differentiating colors will slowly diminish

Chemicals: Loss of color vision can also be caused due to exposure to some chemicals like fertilizers and carbon disulfide.

Treatment and drugs:

There is actually no treatment for some type of poor color vision issues. But, if it is caused due to medication and diseases, it can be cured. If the issue is caused due to an eye injury or eye disease, it can be cured. Your perception to contracts can be enhanced by wearing color–filtered eyeglasses or lenses. But, these remedies will not improve your ability to different colors. Recent studies show that with the help of gene replacement techniques, some rare retinal disorders connected with color deficiencies can be cured. This treatment may be effective in future as it is presently under research.

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