Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

We have heard this often quoted saying, “Prevention is better than cure.” This is perfectly true as sometimes there are many types of diseases or conditions which don’t have any type of cure. Some recurring diseases are also there which do not even have complete cure and can even cause deprived quality of life due to disabilities, for example congestive heart failure, stroke, Inveterate renal failure etc.

It’s good to solve the trouble before it has happen then to solve it later. It is considered more effortless to stop something bad from happening in the first time than to repair its injury after it has happened.

We have heard this a lot since our childhood that “Prevention is better than cure” such as To defend your teeth, brush regularly might be twice a day; Do not eat exposed street food; get vaccines to prevent diseases like polio; get rid of water puddle to stay far from malaria or dengue; exercise daily to stay healthy and so on. There is no need to argue on such time-tested procedures, which if followed regularly can decrease one’s chances of facing a disease; and fail to remember about its cure.

If we look at our medical history, we’ll find that there are lots of treatments for diseases and that might work today also. But due to the unknowings of the people or the half knowledge of some people, they lost their life. For example a fever named milk fever was spread from milk to body and makes a disturbance in digestion and nervous defensive systems in the body. If they know that this can easily be cured by boiling the milk, this would never happen.

Indeed, Cure has been divided in two groups, first one is cure treatment and second group is about the treatments which are under discover processing treatment. But their prevention measures are known to all and for evading them afflicted we just have to be aware about them through mediums like broadcasting, internet, and television or as direct by the physicians.

Rising prevention culture is the responsibility of government; they can do so by surveying medical centers and investigate it for a variety of reasons but with same objective to ascend prevention culture. They can investigate for increasing training courses for people who are sick or sending trainers for these courses from different remote places. They must Give their budget to the government in relevant to the medical research and must motivate people to work with them.

In many countries including India, people believe in time-honored treatments instead of those based on science. These customary treatments have been originated from their successor’s knowledge, it means it is tested and it can also be used by medical doctors to scrutinize and find fresh solutions to prevent treatment. One such prevention was that, originated from the past, It shouldn't ate melon along with honey because it might made disorder in the digestion system of a human being.

Since Prevention is better than cure, it means something wrong must be prevented before happening and cure is something that must be happened after that wrong has been happened. So its not the same, as if you know that something is going to happen than its more beneficial to stop or prevent that as we don’t know that its cure is possible or not. If you prevent a person from falling sick, you do not want any treatment or any recuperation. That’s why it is said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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