Prevention of kidney and urinary tract conditions---the kidney matter
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Prevention of kidney and urinary tract conditions---the kidney matter

Prevention of kidney and urinary tract conditions

The following guidelines are helpful in the Prevention of kidney and urinary tract conditions:-

 Start your day by emptying your bladder. After some time drink a large glass of boiled or filtered water. Adding lemon drops will be more beneficial, because it not only aids in digestion, it is also good for kidneys. Never suppress the urge for urination. The practice of suppressing urination will result into infection. This is one way of cleaning your urinary track clean through internal means. Plenty of water intakes throughout the day and every day will help you maintain good urinary track and avoid kidney damage. But never force yourself. Always try to take room-warm or light-warm water, better avoid ice-cold drinks.

 Empty your bladder again at the end of the day, before you go to bed.

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This will keep your body healthier by holding smallest amount of urine during night.

 Practice of personal-hygiene is always beneficial. The reason is more you take care of your urinary tract the more you can avoid bacterial infections. By keeping the genital area dry and clean your practice of keeping bacterial infection away through external means will be upheld.

 Never forget to wash before and after intercourse. Women must completely empty their bladder before and after the intercourse. The tube from the bladder (Urethra) of women is shorter and very close to anus. So bacteria can easily travel to the areas.

 Thorough washing the genitals from front to back is always advisable for women. Underwear must be changed and cleaned as often as possible.  However, soap must not be used by women for cleaning genital areas. Soap can damage vagina’s delicate pH-balance

 Diabetic patients must keep their sugar level in controlThese berries are akin to the cranberries, which are good for treating tract infections.

^^ Never suppress the urge to go for urinating. Keep your bladder always completely empty.

^^ Completely emptying your bladder as soon as possible after sexual intercourse must be a habit. Washing your genitals (as external means) will also be the part of affair in the post intercourse moments, so that bacteria may not travel to your urethra. Drink as much of water to flush out bacteria (as internal means) from within your body.

^^ All the above mentioned dietary tips are very much important for avoiding urinary tract problems.


If you keep your kidneys clean and healthy, you will help your body to maintain overall health. Otherwise of it, if your kidneys are sluggish you may inch towards mild to severe health problem. Make habit of drinking as much water and fluids as possible. The quantity of water must not be less than 1 and ½ litre of water every day (without fail or any excuse). Cranberry juice is a very good source for you to flush out the kidneys and also for protecting your urinary tract from different infections. Eat only those foods which are (above mentioned) good for your health, especially for your kidneys. Take as much seasonal fruits and vegetables as possible.

Regular physical exercises will be the boon for your health, especially for maintaining your blood pressure. 30 minutes of regular walk is adequate for any adult. Walking, in regular way, may keep you in remaining away from many blood pressure related diseases, especially diabetes.

If you regularly walk and practice some exercises you can surely avoid high blood pressure, by this way you can surely avoid your kidney infection or kidney functioning problems. But never conclude that only a healthy lifestyle is going to get you rid of kidney problems. The example is, if you have diabetes or dehydration or hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), heart attack, shock, stress, congestive heart failure etc. you are likely to be the candidate for kidney damage or even kidney failure.

 In case the damage is severe you need to follow the above guide lines.

 Any medical procedure that might have impaired your daily life, your doctor will rightly guide you. Never ignore or compromise the guidelines of your physicians.

Dialysis may be a life-saving procedure, but some sorts of side-effects or risks are also made known to you, in the above.

Your life is invaluable; always enjoy your life without neglecting even the simplest symptoms. Good health means eternal peace of mind---smile the living the life, and influence as well educate others to smile like you & with you.


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0 # Aarav 2018-05-12
Hello I am from Rajnandgaon, My neighbour has been feeling redness and burning in urethral organs, can it be a disease, should she visit gynec?
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0 # Dr. Naresh 2018-05-13
It can be a simple infection also and a disease also, If after the examination, the presence of gram negative bacteria is seen ,gonorrhoea infection can be thought of, she should visit good women's specialist- find list of Gynecologist in Rajnandgaon
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0 # Himmat Older than three months
Hi, plz let me know What is the incubation period of Syphilis, also give me the list of good female's specialist in Ujjain ?
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0 # Dr. Naresh Older than three months
Hii, The incubation period can be 10 to 90 days, plz find list of Gynecologist in Ujjain
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0 # Aarav Older than three months
Hii can you plz tell me, Which fluids can cause or spread syphilis infection, alos give me the list of good gynec in ?
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0 # Dr. Pooja Older than three months
Infection from semen, blood or lactation milk can occur and cause syphilis, Infection from blood syringes is very common, Infected mothers can transmit it through their milk also, consult with good Gynecologist in .
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0 # Vaibhav Older than three months
Hii, I am from , I want to know can cigerrete sharing can lead to syphilis ?
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0 # Dr. Naresh Older than three months
yes,sharing cigerette,drinking cups,common spoons etc can also lead to syphilis, Generally whenever the fluid of a person who has syphilis is shared,the infection can occur, you should also consult with good Gynecologist in
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