"Eating Disorder---Pica" is full of abnormalities in one's eating, take care if any one you know with this---Part----5

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So before beginning any program, you must check about the following.

è The re-occurrence of bulimia is not uncommon and so its re-occurrence should not be any cause for concern, but in your case you should opt for medical intervention.

è If you as a patient have undergone different types of therapies for getting relief from the eating disorder but could not find the solution.

è If the entire remedial process you have followed is painful and both you and your family have taken all the possible measures to get rid out of it.

Prognosis or outlook

The illness “Bulimia” occurs after a long term of practice. Some of the patients may still continue to show the symptoms even after treatment. But those who have better responded to the treatment and had experienced fewer medical complications have recovered better than others.

Possibilities of Complications

Many times it has been noticed that Bulimia turned to be complicated and dangerous. In some cases, this may turn the condition of the patient to a serious one over time. The example is repeated vomiting can lead to stomach acid to disturb the esophagus which is responsible for taking the food from the mouth to the stomach. By repeated vomiting and repeated acid marks can damage the area.

The possible complications

· Constipation

· Dental cavities

· Dehydration

· Hemorrhoids

· Electrolyte imbalances

· Pancreatitis

· Tears of the esophagus due to repeated vomiting

· Swelling of the throat

The time to call for a medical intervention

As indicated above, if you or your child faces any complicated situation due to Bulimia or any such type of eating disorder, it is the time to call for a doctor.


Pica is another type of eating disorder. In this case the person eats non-food materials; examples like dirt, paper, own hair etc.


In most of the cases, children are the candidates of Pica, in comparison to adults. Children of 1 to 6 years of age are found to be having this problem. Their numbers are counted to be 10 to 32 per cent of the total lot.

Geophagy is a medical condition, in-which a person intentionally consumes dirt. The cases are predominant among the children. This condition is medically known as doubted to be the subset of Pica.

Occurrences of Pica

Some of the pregnant women can develop the symptoms of Pica during their gestation period. The causes for some of the cases have been found to be the some type of nutrients like zinc or iron deficiency that might trigger such type of unusual cravings. A few adults with some types of texture in their mouth may also develop the problem of Pica.

Symptoms of Pica

Any one whether children or adults with the problem of Pica may devour any or many of the following items:

· Clay

· Animal faces

· Paint

· Dirt

· Ice

· Hairballs

· Sand

The duration of this unusual habit to form the problem of pica


At least it takes one month of constant consumptions of the above said items to form the problem of Pica. However, Pica can also occur to those people who have poor or lower than normal nutrition level.



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