"Eating disorder" encompass different health hazards, study them if you have anyone in your circle --Part---3
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"Eating disorder" encompass different health hazards, study them if you have anyone in your circle --Part---3

Continued from Part--2


Group Support

A support group has a big role to play for easing the stress of illness. If you share your thoughts with others who also have experienced this type of problem but have come out of the problem, so as you share your problem you can get relieving opinions from them

Prognosis or outlook

Anorexia nervosa is not a simple problem; it can be life threatening too. If a patient undertakes treatment, he or she can return to normal weight. However, the reoccurrence of the disease is never uncommon.

The female patients, who had developed this eating disorder problem at their early stage of life, are more likely to recover completely in the later life.  The patients of this type tend to have lower body weight and so remain focused on their calories & foods.

It is always very difficult to manage weight. So long term treatment are the ultimate way for remaining healthy.

Risks of complications

The probable complications are:

è Reductions in white blood cells, leading to higher risk of infections.

è Bone weakening

è Dehydration or severe lack of fluids or water in the body

è Reduced potassium level in the blood, which is dangerous for the rhythm of heart.

è Malnutrition due to lack of vitamins, minerals, protein and other important nutrients

è Problems in thyroid glands

è Seizures, the reason being sodium or fluid loss due to repeated vomiting or diarrhea.

è Tooth decay

The right time to consult a physician

In case a person has the following symptoms, a doctor’s intervention is highly needed:-

ð Very much underweight

ð Very much limited food intakes

ð Over-exercising

ð Too much concerned about weight

Getting medical help at the right time can save a person from any sort of eating disorder.


The cases of Bulimia are those who prefer to over eat on regular basis. The cases are also known as “bingeing” in which the person does not have any control over his or her food intakes. In this case, the person prevents weight gain by using purging or laxatives i.e. vomiting. The patients of Bulimia may also have anorexia nervosa problem.

Causes of Bulimia

Most of the candidates of Bulimia are the women.

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Continued from Part--2

Most of the candidates of Bulimia are the women. Young women and adolescent girls are mostly found to be the victims of Bulimia disorder. These types of persons know well about their abnormal eating habit and so remain guilt-conscious or feel fear about their episodes of binge-purge.

Causes of Bulimia

It is still not known what the actual cause of Bulimia is. In some cases, psychological, trauma, family, cultural or societal and genetic factors play a significant role. There are many factors which are responsible for the medical disorder like Bulimia.

Support Group

There are different types of support groups (EX: - Overeaters Anonymous) who help the patients of Anorexia or Bulimia types of cases. There are some associations who can provide you the information about the support groups like American Anorexia/Bulimia Association.

The support group names are not limited as above; you can search for such other organizations or associations who can be of great help to you. The health disorder like this type needs “talk therapy” or sharing the thoughts than any other medicines.



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