"Eating disorder" means many health hazards waiting for you, study them for your wellbeing --Part-2
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"Eating disorder" means many health hazards waiting for you, study them for your wellbeing --Part-2

"Eating disorder" means many health hazards waiting for you, study them for your wellbeing --Part-2

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Symptoms of anorexia nervosa:-

The persons who have anorexia nervosa will have the following symptoms:-

Ø Refusing to keep weight, this is otherwise normal in that age. A few cases are also there who prefer to remain underweight, some times 15 per cent and some times more than that below the normal weight (as per the age & height).

Ø These people fathom the intense fear of becoming fat or gaining weight, in spite of the fact that they are under weight.

Ø Having the distorted body image. So they keenly focus on their body shape & weight. These type of people decline to accept the danger of weight loss. These people are found to significantly limit the amount of their food intake. Even if they eat, they used to throw themselves up. The other types of behaviour from them are noticed are:-

1) Making small pieces of their foods and moving them here & there on the plate without eating them.

2) They take to all the time exercising even taking no heed to bad weather, or they are otherwise busy or hurt due to some reason.

3) They prefer to go for toileting immediately after supper

4) They tend to refrain from eating while others are eating in a group or party

5) They even take diuretics or water pills as medicines to urinate. They also prefer to have some enemas and laxatives types of medicated bowel movement. Some of these people tend to take diet pills to decrease appetite.

a. Other types of anorexia-symptoms are :-

i) Depression

ii) Slow or confused thinking, coupled with poor judgment or memory.

iii) Yellow or blotchy skin that remains covered with fine hair as well dry.

iv) Loss of strength in bones

v) Dry mouth

vi) Loss of body fat

vii) Wasting away of muscles

viii) Extreme sensitivity towards cold and inducing to several layers of cloths for staying warm.

Tests & Exams involved

Tests & exams are necessary to determine the causes of weight loss or the damages done by the weight loss. Several & repeated types of tests are done over time for monitoring the person.

The tests & exams are related to:


o Kidney function tests

o Bone density tests for determining the case of osteoporosis or bone density

o Total protein tests

o Urinalyses

o Thyroid tests

o Liver function tests

o Electrolytes

o EKG or ECG (electro gram)

o Albumin

Treatment involved

The main purpose of treatment is to educate the person about the illness he or she may be carrying on. The irony of the fact that most of these people do not accept that they are pampering an eating disorder. These types of people wait till they symptomize a serious health disorder.

The treatments are aimed at restoring eating habits and up-keeping normal body weight. The safe goals for these persons are gaining 1 to 3 pounds of weight per week.



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