"Elderly men" are to take care of different preventive issues for up-keeping their health--Part--7

"Elderly men" are to take care of different preventive issues for up-keeping their health--Part--7

"Elderly men" are to take care of different preventive issues for up-keeping their health--Part--7

Preventive sides of different diseases for elderly men


The earlier 6 articles are fully dedicated to the health and wellness of the elderly persons. This article is also the sequel to the earlier ones. It is dedicated to the preventive aspects of the elderly people.


1) A flu shot every year will be very healthy step for the elderly men, who are more than 60.

2) Those men, who are in the age group of 65 or more, should get a pneumonia shot.

3) A preventive “shingles shot” is a good health measure for those men who are 60 or above.

4) Anti- tetanus, anti-whooping cough and anti-diphtheria shots are always advised for the elderly persons. A tetanus booster is always better for those men who have already crossed 10 years after their last administration of tetanus booster.

5) Other than these, you need some other vaccination, which can be rightly diagnosed by your doctors.

Vitamin D can prevent you from occasional falls


i) You are above 60 in your age

ii) You have history of falls

iii) You have mobility problems

iv) You may have the history of occasional falls

If you are the case for any or many of the above conditions, Vitamin D is the right medicine to help you get rid of these problems. Besides medication, you need to take up physical therapy and exercises.


Men above 45 you are to take guidance from your medical experts about taking aspirin, so that you can avoid any heart attack.

Physical activities

After you have crossed your retiring age you are not supposed to sit idle. You must always practice very good physical activities in every possible manner. Your doctor or nurse can guide you in every respect. You must burn calories by your physical activities; else your extra calorie will trouble you in this stage.

Your food choices

Because of your advanced age you are restricted to take or reject many foods. Your foods should be actually your diets, which can support your best health conditions. No greed or stubbornness in the matter of foods is healthy signs for you in this stage of your life.

A healthy weight & staying there

A healthy weight & staying there should be your “Mantra” or vow. If you can balance your calories from the foods and drinks, you will be the happiest man in the world.

Remain tobacco free

Tobacco is a killer in any stage of your life. Those who have never been addicted to tobacco are always healthier than others around him or her.

Avoid alcohol after you have attained your superannuation

If you are an alcoholic, limit your drinks within 2 per day. The standard of a drink is 1.5 ounce of 80-proof distilled water,  5 ounce of wine and 12 ounce of wine cooler or beer. Of course these guidelines are not applicable to every male, who has crossed 60 years, but the cocktail is medically acceptable if you cannot avoid taking alcohol.




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