"Extra salt intake" invites many diseases, one of them is stroke---Part--2
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"Extra salt intake" invites many diseases, one of them is stroke---Part--2

"Extra salt intake" invites many diseases, one of them is stroke---Part--2

Stroke has thick connection with extra salt intake, inviting many diseases,


When blood supply to the brain gets partially cut off, the person with the condition becomes the victim of stroke, because in this stage brain does not receive required amount of oxygen. This results brain cells to die.

Type of strokes

1) Ischemic strokes: The cause behind this problem is blockage in the blood vessels.

2) Haemorrhagic strokes: If a blood bursts, causing bleeding in the brain, the person with the problem will have haemorrhagic strokes. Country like UK has biggest number of stroke cases that lead to disability and death.

Causes of strokes

The single most cause of stroke is the high blood pressure for which salt intake is known as the major factor. This means excessive intake of salt means attack of stroke and stroke attack ends with, in most of the cases, death of the sufferer.

Myth about stroke

The myth about stroke is aging, but it is never true. From the very beginning of your life you must be cautious about the bad effects of the extra salt intake. So restrict yourself in your habit of salt intakes, you can easily control your blood pressure. The restriction of salt intake should be coupled with really healthy eating and regular exercise.

Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary Heart Disease means blockage or reduction in the supply of blood in the heart. This condition is responsible for heart attacks or heart failure. People around the world are the victim of this problem. In UK it is the biggest killer. According to some survey, UK has every 6th woman and every 4th man use to suffer from CHD that ended with their deaths.  The annual heart attack rates in the UK are 300,000 per annum.

Causes of CHD through some  rippling factors

High blood pressure or hypertension is the major cause for coronary heart disease. The walls of the blood vessels become thick in this condition. This causes narrowing of the blood vessels and reduced amount of blood supply to the heart. If the condition continues for some time it will result in heart failure. In fact the blood supply in the body is totally disrupted because of heart failure. In many cases, thickened blood causes blood clots in the walls of the blood vessels. The clots in the blood vessels can further lead to blockages in the blood supply to the heart. The blockages of blood supply are the causes of heart attacks.

High blood pressure & Coronary Heart Disease

As discussed above, high blood pressure increases the risk of Coronary Heart Disease. One of the background causes of high blood pressure is excessive salt intake.

The best recommendations for avoiding heart disease

The best recommendations for avoiding heart disease are reduction of salt intake, which can keep the blood pressure in control. Once the blood pressure is under control, the person with the symptom must not forget about losing weight as the further step towards health. To have a good health, all the recommended issues should be accompanied by regular exercises.







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