"Organ Donation" ---- Some of the further details you must know---Part--12
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"Organ Donation" ---- Some of the further details you must know---Part--12

"Organ Donation" ---- Some of the further details you must know---Part--12

Continued from Part—11

How diagnosis is done for declaring a person “Brain Dead”?

A team of doctors investigate different aspects of a patient before declaring the patient as “brain dead”. A set of tests are involved in this type of investigations.

At least 6 to 12 hours are involved for conducting two different sets of tests. When 2nd test is carried out, it is the time of declaring the patient legally dead. In case a person is medico-legally declared as “brain dead”, every attempt of artificial ventilation or any such medical activity is just a futile practice. The condition is irreversible. So if the patient is put under ventilation, it is the monetary jerk the family members have to bear without any further improvement of the patient. This is the time which must not be wasted when organ harvest followed by donation & transplantation should be (rather must be) completed. If the process is delayed, there is dim chance of successful harvesting from the donor and transplanting the organ to a terminally ill recipient.

Time factors between harvesting organ and transplanting it

The total harvesting to transplantation timing period should be within the quickest possible time.

Will the doctors ask permission from the family members for harvesting or transplanting any organ?

Yes it is always. The doctors take permission from the family members for organ donation, if your donor card is being seen. That is why no donor should pledge his or her body without the knowledge of the family members. If the pledge is kept secret from the close ones, there is every possibility that the doctors have to start a new chapter with your family members, which may not always end with decisive way.

Is human organs are permissible for sale?

It is never allowed.  According to the February, 1994 “Transplantation of Human Organs Act”, transplantation of human organs has been legalised. The act also prohibits any type of sale of human organs. The organ donations and transplantation activities are carried out under complete medico-legal procedure. If anyone is found to be violating the rules, he or she will be punished.

Is removal of organs permissible when a person dies at home?

If a person dies at home, only two organs, i.e. tissues and eyes can be removed. Because other organs like liver, kidney, heart valve and such organs which need artificial ventilation at a hospital set up and under a special team of doctors with specialised infrastructure / set up, for removing or harvesting.  It is always advisable that whoever may be the patient must remain in contact with the hospitals (as much as possible).

What is the difference of organ donation procedure between pledging and not pledging the organs, while in life time?

If a person pledges his or her organ in life time, the doctors can do their job easily and quickly. But if a person does not pledge his or her organ in his or her lifetime, the doctor has to seek & secure consent afresh from the family members.

Many organizations are taking active measures to educate the general mass to come wholeheartedly and pledge their organs in the lifetime, so that the precious gift can be donated in a trouble freeway.


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