"Quitting Smoking" means "banishing catastrophes to take place", a result of determination---Part--4
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"Quitting Smoking" means "banishing catastrophes to take place", a result of determination---Part--4

"Quitting Smoking" means "banishing catastrophes to take place", a result of determination---Part--4

Continued from part--3

Steps to quit smoking

You can quit smoking only when you are determined to quit and stepping forward with the strong resolution. You may have to follow the guide lines as below:-

Ø Set a date for enacting your resolution: the best way of quitting smoking has a friend with you with the same resolution for quitting smoking. Quitting smoking is best within a month’s time. There are many smokers who not only postpone but procrastinate the date. At the same time if you set a date too close it will be not result oriented. The reason is quitting smoking in reality takes time. Besides this, your medication and support system also need time to adjust to the situation.

Ø You must also take note of the two terms “when” & “why” you smoke: If you note your daily life and your smoking urge, you will see there are some chores in your daily life when you ‘fall prey to smoke’. It may be while toileting, driving, drinking the first cup of tea in the morning and so on.

Ø You must change your above said routine: Try to make your habit of keeping your cigarettes away from you and in a different place than usually you keep. Once you find the cigarettes are not in the usual place you may try to ignite your urge for not smoking (at least at that time). Do not smoke with the same hand (when you ultimately feel the urge to smoke after a long gap). Do not get your self-engaged in any type of job when you ultimately smoke. In this case think about your feelings on different situation and different mental set-up.

Ø Try to change your place of smoking: Do not smoke in the same place. Try to smoke outside or outdoors.  

Ø If you can’t help yourself but to smoke: If you can’t avoid to smoke, just postpone some time and make sure that you are doing this favor to yourself.  To postpone your smoking you may chew some gum or think something important you wanted to attend to.

Ø Never buys packs of cigarettes at a time: Buy only a single cigarette at a time. Never hoard the cigarettes with you. If you keep hoards of cigarettes with you, you will not be able to check or control yourself. So if you do not have any cigarettes with you, you may find it difficult to procure it, the reason is you must be (somehow or another way) not in a position to procure it always when you need to.

Ø When you finally have given up the habit or the urge to smoke: Make it known to your family and friends that you have quit smoking. This is not the publicity purpose, it is purely making your conscience known that you have done it after a stable determination and strong resolution. Once you pat yourself, you can kindle some light within you that your resolution & determination are intact.

After you have reached your vow, there must be none to weaken you and nudge you from your stand. Many times it is seen that “quitting of cigarette” is only a temporary stand. The so-called ex-smokers are actually the current smoker.



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90 percent cases in syphilis are transmitted through unsafe sexual contacts, Mothers can also pass infection through breast milk, you can also consult with good Gynecologist in Mehsana .
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