Recovery period of blood donation---is it important or not?

Recovery period of blood donation---is it important or not?

Time of gap between blood donation and the recovery period

The time of gap between blood donation and the recovery period is often a serious matter for consideration. In most of the cases, donors are kept in the donation center normally for 10 to 15 minutes. There are some possibilities that adverse reactions may occur during the blood donation or after the donation. In most of the cases lunch or light refreshments are provided to the donor for recovery. After the donation, the patient’s needle site is bandaged and that is directed to be covered for some time. In case the climatic condition is hot, the patients are advised to remain hydrated. They are also advised not to indulge in alcohol or strenuous games for some time after donation.

What is the time taken for replacement of Plasma after donation?

It takes 2 to 3 days for the replacement of plasma. Bone marrow replaces the donated red blood cells, through a slower rate via circulatory system. The process takes at least 36 days for any healthy male. Some other study has observed that it takes minimum 20 days and maximum 59 days for full recovery. The rate of recovery is the indicator of allowable frequency for a donor.

Donors of plateletpheresis and Plasmapheresis can comparatively frequent their donations than the red blood cell donors.  There are country-wise differences of frequency of blood donations.

To exemplify it,

1) In the USA the plasmapheresis donations in large volume are allowed twice a week. The permissible amount of donation is 83 litters in a whole year.

2) In Japan. The plasmapheresis can be donated in every alternative week, while the amount is only 16 litters in a year.

In case red blood cells are donated, it will limit the whole blood donations. Further to this the frequencies and the local law are also the limiting factors for these donors. To exemplify it:-

3) An adult in Hong Kong can donate after a gap of 3 months. The time period becomes just double if the teenager male (between 16 and 17) donates plateletpheresis and plasmapheresis, that is after 6 months.

4) In the USA and Canada the gap between two donations is 56 days. The exception in the age group is no age bar.

How to decrease the donor’s deferrals?

If the donor is given iron supplements, the deferrals can be decreased to a great extent. The iron supplementations compensate the quantity of low hemoglobin during the time of first donation or during the subsequent donations. As the donors are supplemented with iron, they get adequate hemoglobin as well get required iron storage in their body.

But a caution about extra iron supplementation

The caution about extra iron supplementation is the person will have epigastria, abnormal discomfort, and diarrhea or constipations types of abnormal conditions. Further to this, if iron supplements are given for a long term, the effects are still under researchable studies.


Many researches are going on to find some of the best measures of blood donations and many issues attached with it. Whole world is fully engaged in various types of researches in every branch of studies in medical science. The more the successes the better will be the fate of mankind and the life span will be extended to a great extent, as it has already been.  

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