Self-care for the gestational diabetics (the expecting women)—see if you are the right candidate
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Self-care for the gestational diabetics (the expecting women)—see if you are the right candidate

Self-care for the gestational diabetics

Gestational diabetic patients are those who develop high sugar/glucose level during their pregnancy. The patients may not notice about any significant symptoms except the following:

• Increased shakiness or thrust is one of the mildest symptom, the expecting woman may have. The situation is not at all life threatening.

• There is possibility of having larger baby, causing problem at the time of delivery.

• Risks of causing high blood pressure during the gestation period.

How to manage it?

Always take healthy diet for controlling your blood sugar level, instead of fully relying on the medicines. A proper diet chart and following it will be your best option. Even if you are alcoholic, do not sip it any more as long as you are gestating.

Exercise will be a good step for controlling your blood sugar level. Since walking is the easiest way of exercising, walk at least 1 to kilometers at a time. If possible do it every day, if not, at least one alternative day. If you can opt for any low-impact exercise or swimming, it will be equally good for you. But whatever you opt for, your action should be guided by your doctor. Do not do anything without your physician’s knowledge.

Some medicines are there for controlling gestational diabetes. But many are there who do not require medicine or insulin. Both insulin shots and oral medicines are there for blood sugar control.

How to check your blood sugar level?

Testing glucose level every day at home is possible, but you must be consulting your doctor how to do it. The most commonly used blood sugar level checking device and strips are available over the counter. The blood sugar level can be seen in the meter of the device. If your sugar level is too low or too high, you are to control it with the prescribed medicines.

How often you should visit your physician or take tests for you and for your baby?

For the sake of you and your baby’s health you must not be ever indolent to visit your doctor or to go for tests if your doctor prescribes you to do so, during your pregnancy.

What you do:

 Your routine should be visiting your doctor on weekly basis

 Take ultrasound test for knowing the size of the baby

 A non-stress test will indicate the developments of your and your baby’s health

Post-delivery care

Post-delivery care is equally important as it was in the pre-delivery or prenatal stage. For knowing about the signs of diabetes you must keep visiting your doctor on as per scheduled by your doctor. Normally, high blood sugar level goes back to normal level after the delivery. But many cases are there when many gestational diabetics develop high blood sugar lever within five to ten years after delivery. The problem is more with those who are obese or over weight.

When to consult your doctor?

If you have the problems, as below, you must consult your doctor.

 Have you started viewing blurred

 Is your baby moving less in your belly

 Are you feeling extra thirsty than normal

 Have you feelings of vomiting or nausea






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Gonorrhoea can be transmitted by the infected towels, handkerchiefs of the infected person, But most cases are due to sexual contacts, find here list of good Gynecologist in Kawar.
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