Sleep Disorders And Its Types

Sleep Disorders And Its Types

Sleep DisordersExperts state that sleep is rejuvenating for both the mind and the body and it is highly helpful in maintaining the overall health in humans. Poor sleep or sleep deprivation can lead to different health issues like hypertension, obesity and even cardiovascular disorders as this issue can slowly devastate the overall health. Experts classify sleep disorders under different categories and here are some details about the types:


Even though, an individual is tired, he/she will not be in a position to sleep, when he/she has this issue. It can be temporary due to changes in time zone, when an individual moves from one country to another or when there is shift work issues and even due to stress and anxiety. But, if the problem persist, it is better to seek medical help.

Sleep apnea:

For patients with this condition, breathing might become shallow or even actually stop for a few seconds when he/she is sleeping. The problem with this issue is that it is life-threatening. When there is this issue, the individual will have to get up from sleep every few minutes once for breathing. Patients with this condition will feel sleepy during daytimes. If an individual feels excessive tiredness and sleepiness, even after having good night sleep, it is better to consult a doctor to find whether there is sleep apnea issue. The reason is many patients do not even know that they have this issue and there is disturbance in the level of their sleep.


Even though, snoring is stated to be associated with sleep apnea. It can happen without sleep apnea as well. It happens due to narrowing of airway passage when a patient sleeps. Some of the causes of snoring during sleep are physical abnormalities in throat, excess weight, extreme fatigue and inappropriate sleep posture.

Restless Leg Syndrome:


When they are having slumber, some people will have irresistible urge to move their arms or legs. This happens due to creeping, tingly or uncomfortable sensation in legs. The patients move the legs because these sensations will be relieved with leg and arm movement.


This is a dangerous disorder that causes extreme sleepiness all of a sudden, even during daytimes and even at inappropriate times like when they are driving or walking in the road. The dangerous thing here is that the sleep will occur all of a sudden without any forewarning. Even though, the actual cause of this condition is not known, the lack of brain chemical called as hypocretin, which regulates the wakefulness and sleepiness causes this issue.


Even after having good night sleep, some people will feel sleepy during daytimes. Even though, this is not accepted as a disorder world over, some patients even after having complete rest for more than 10 hours again feel sleepiness in daytimes.

Jet lag:

This happens due to excessive travel across the world to countries with different time zones. This will make the person feel tired and this happens due to disturbance in the internal circadian rhythm and body clock.

The other types include parasomnia and secondary disorders.

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