Smoking means "inviting catastrophes" is known by all smokers, but in vein--Part--1

Smoking means "inviting catastrophes" is known by all smokers, but in vein--Part--1

Smoking means inviting catastrophes

If you are smoking it means you are causing endless problems for you and for your family.

How do you hurt yourself by smoking?

The reason behind smoking that causes danger is, when one smokes he or she inhales nicotine, which is a drug. Nicotine is very addictive.  The addictiveness of the drug is critical that it does not allow the smoker to quit smoking very easily. In most of the cases the smoker cannot quit, a few of course, can quit permanently. This view is also supported by the 1964 report of U.S. Surgeon, which says that millions of smokers have quitted smoking permanently. Yet approximately 4.4 lakhs deaths, due to tobacco or its related diseases, occur in each year in the USA.  These deaths are 20 per cent of the all types of deaths in the country.

Reason behind the deaths from tobacco & its related diseases

Tobacco contains nicotine and which in turn causes serious diseases like getting heart attack, lung cancer, stroke, chronic lung disease, and many other cancers.

When compared between the deaths of smokers and non-smokers, the former die 10 years earlier than the latter. Smoking is always preventable, yet it is the cause of death. When discussed about USA, a huge number of people become the victims of respiratory or breathing related diseases.

Hurting others

Smoking not only harms the smokers, it also harms the other members like co-workers, family members or friends around the smokers through passive smoking. While talking about passive smokers, infants up to the age of one and half year become the victim as second hand smokers. The numbers of such infants to become the pneumonia patients or chronic bronchitis patients are 3 lakhs in each year in the USA.

Further to this, second hands smoking that cause middle ear, wheezing or coughing problems among the children are not unheard of. In addition to this, problems like worsening asthma or sometimes death are commonly known as the SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome.

Unborn foetus also gets hurt from passive smoking. The reason is the expectant mothers who smoke in their pregnancy. These types of pregnant smokers end up with miscarriages and in some cases it results to still birth, premature delivery, low birth weight and even the death in the womb or some times after delivery. According to some credible estimates, in every year, almost 4000 infants’ deaths are recorded from these pregnant smokers in the USA.

Different types of cancers are caused by the passive smoking; (the numbers of cases of cancers from active smoking are not included in it). According to some study, there is 24 per cent more chances of developing cancers to the passive smokers when compared with the figures of the non-smokers. The figures of passive smoking related death in the USA are 3000 per year and almost 49,000 deaths from all sorts of smoking related or second hand smoking related deaths in each year are recorded in the same country.


The victims of second had smoking can also suffer from heart diseases or strokes. Kids of the smokers are twice the victims of smoking than the other kids from non-smokers. The final damaging part is the kids from smokers are most likely to be the smokers in their teen ages.

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