Sperm donation--some vital information you can share with

Sperm donation--some vital information you can share with

Sperm donation

Sperm donation is the subject of male only. The main purpose of donating sperm is inseminating a female without her sexual partner. The reasons for the females in need of donor sperm are many that include the inability of the male partner to impregnate his female partner or the male partner has some serious diseases like HIV or other type or STD. It may also be the female does not want to have any male partner but want to conceive. The sperm count may sometimes become the problem for a man to impregnate his partner. Of course a few females have some specific choice to get pregnant with some particular semen or sperm.

Having discussed all the above issues, it must be mentioned that sperm can be directly donated to the recipient openly or privately or also through any fertility clinic or through a sperm bank.

The direct inseminations of a female are as follows:-

1) Sexual intercourse

2) Insemination through artificial way

Who are the primary beneficiaries of this donated sperm?

1) Single women

2) Lesbian couples

3) Heterosexual couples, where the male member has fertility problem

What is the actual benefit a female can get from the donated sperm?

The actual benefit a female can get from the donated sperm is a female can choose the sperm as per her choice and on the basis of the characteristics of the donor. The characteristics include academic ability, personality, looks, race and such other qualities.

State regulations for the sperm banks

It is mandatory for the sperm banks to follow varying state or local rules & regulations. Some of the rules are number of offspring the sperm can produce and donor’s anonymity. Some countries have some other legal protections that implicate both the recipient and the donor. Due to regulations or by their own choice, sperm banks refrain from informing the vital information to the potential recipient. This is to discourage the practice of choosing the known donor or getting indulged into inclining towards private sperm banks.

Is a sperm donor subject to be the legal father of the offspring?

A sperm donor is generally not bound by the law to be the legal father of the offspring. However, different laws and jurisdictions in different countries have different bearings. With this provision, a male can claim the parenthood of a child in the later stage after the baby's birth. In contrast and in some cases, the male is held responsible for the fatherhood or the parental obligations of the child.

Sperm donation and third party reproduction

In general, the sperm donation process is known as third party reproduction. ART that means assisted reproductive technology is the means through which donor’s sperm is impregnated in a female’s womb.

The techniques used in this assisted reproductive technology are IUI (intrauterine insemination) or ICI (intracervical insemination) in a clinic or it may be IVI (intravaginal insemination) at home. Other than these, a less common practice is IVF (in vitro fertilization).

The most commonly known process for insemination is sexual intercourse between a male and female, the sole purpose of which is inseminating a woman with natural process. But due to many social taboos and social structures or regulations, non-partners cannot choose this option, in any country. If this sexual intercourse, absolutely for impregnating a woman simply for insemination purpose becomes public, many legal nooses will be around both the donor and the recipient. In this situation all types of media will have a good recipe to cook.

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# Aayush 2017-03-17
Hii can you plz tell me, Which fluids can cause or spread syphilis infection, alos give me the list of good gynec in Peren?
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# Dr. Pooja 2017-03-18
Infection from semen, blood or lactation milk can occur and cause syphilis, Infection from blood syringes is very common, Infected mothers can transmit it through their milk also, consult with good Gynecologist in Peren .
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